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Bahrain National Day 2022

Bahrain National Day 2022: December 16 marks Bahrain National Day, a public holiday that celebrates the country’s independence from British rule. The day is also celebrated as the anniversary of the formation of the modern Bahraini state. On Bahrain National Day, people take to the streets to participate in parades and festivities. The day is a time to reflect on Bahrain’s achievements and to look towards the future.

What is Bahrain National Day?

Bahrain National Day commemorates the country’s independence from the British Empire on December 16, 1971. The holiday is celebrated with cultural and patriotic events throughout the kingdom.

On Bahrain National Day, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate their country’s rich heritage and bright future. There are parades, concerts, fireworks, and other festivities held in honor of Bahrain National Day.

This national day is a time for Bahrainis to reflect on how far their country has come and to look forward to a prosperous future.

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The History of Bahrain National Day

Bahrain National Day commemorates the formation of the modern state of Bahrain. It is celebrated on December 16th, the day that the late Amir Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa signed a decree establishing the State of Bahrain in 1971.

The holiday celebrates Bahrain’s national unity and pride in its citizens. Throughout the day, patriotic songs are played on the radio and television, and public buildings are decorated with Bahraini flags. There are also parades, firework displays, and other festive events held throughout the country.

The origins of Bahrain National Day date back to 1932, when Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa became ruler of the country. At that time, Bahrain was still a British protectorate. In order to gain more autonomy from Britain, Shaikh Hamad began negotiations for a new treaty. These negotiations led to the signing of the Anglo-Bahraini Treaty in 1934, which gave Bahrain more independence.

Shaikh Hamad’s son, Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, became Amir in 1961. Under his rule, Bahrain began to modernize and develop rapidly. In 1968, oil was discovered in Bahrain – this newfound wealth helped to further improve living standards and support economic development.

On December 16th, 1971, Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa signed a decree proclaiming the formation of the State of Bahrain. This marked a new era in Bahrain’s history – one that would be characterized by continued progress and prosperity.

What to Expect on Bahrain National Day

Bahrain National Day is celebrated on December 16th every year. It is a public holiday that commemorates the country’s independence from the British Empire in 1971. On this day, people of all ages come together to celebrate Bahrain’s culture and heritage.

The festivities usually begin with a military parade followed by a street carnival. The carnival includes traditional Bahraini dances, music, and food. People also dress up in traditional Bahraini clothing to join in the fun. The celebrations end with a spectacular fireworks display.

If you’re visiting Bahrain during National Day, be sure to experience the vibrant atmosphere and join in the festivities!

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How to Celebrate Bahrain National Day

In Bahrain, National Day is celebrated on December 16th. This holiday commemorates the day that Bahrain gained its independence from Britain in 1971.

There are many ways to celebrate Bahrain National Day. One way is to attend one of the many cultural events that take place around the country. These events typically feature traditional Bahraini music and dance, and are a great way to learn more about the culture. Another way to celebrate is to simply spend time with family and friends, enjoying the special food and drink that is traditionally served on this holiday.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Bahrain National Day is a time to come together and be proud of this small but mighty nation.


Bahrain National Day is a special time for Bahrainis to celebrate their country and its culture. This year’s theme is “Unity in Diversity” which celebrates the many different cultures that make up Bahrain. On this day, Bahrainis will come together to enjoy traditional food, music, dance, and more. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Bahrain National Day on December 16th, 2022!

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Bahrain National Day Dates:

Year Date Day
2022 December 16 Friday
2023 December 16 Saturday
2024 December 16 Monday
2025 December 16 Tuesday
2026 December 16 Wednesday