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Be Electrific Day 2024: History, Celebration and Facts

Thomas Alva Edison, a pioneer in the field of Electrific technology, is honored on Electrifying Day, a day dedicated to promoting the use of electrical energy.

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Be Electrific Day 2024: Every year on February 11, people celebrate Be Electrific Day. Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest scientists and inventors in history, is honored and celebrated on this day. But Be Electrifying Day is about so much more than that. The word “Electrification Project” is shortened to “Electrific,” which means “to put light where light has not been before.” It instructs us to find our inner electrical power. Come along as we walk you through the background and true significance of this day.

Be Electrific Day History

In 1988, speech pathologist Carolyn Finch, a professional speaker, and an authority on body language created Be Electrific Day. She established this day to inspire people to investigate the electricity found in our bodies as well as to learn more about electricity. She means, “to put light where light has not been before,” when she says this.

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The electrical currents that flow through our nerve systems are essential to the operation of our bodies. They facilitate our ability to move, think, and feel by sending impulses through our bodies. Huge amounts of atoms make up our entire body, which is why we can produce the electricity necessary for living. Therefore, our bodies’ electrical systems are essential to our survival.

This day is also observed in honor of Thomas Alva Edison, whose inventions—most notably the modern light bulb—fueled the development of technology and the modern world. Edison was born on this day.

Among the many devices he created are the motion picture camera, phonograph, light bulb, and hundreds more. A brilliant inventor, Edison made significant contributions to technology throughout the era of electricity. His creations laid the groundwork for the contemporary technical advancements of our day. The day to honor his birthday and the energy in our bodies is Be Electrific Day. Thus, if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to be electric, now is it.

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Be Electrific Day Activities

Teach others

This is your opportunity to inform your loved ones. Inform them of the role that Edison played in the evolution of this planet.

Let your inner inventor out.

Try some experiments using an old-fashioned toy car, your motorcycle, or any other electronic device you have around the house. Make sure you come up with something, whatever you do.

Plan a virtual gathering.

Create a virtual gathering where people are invited to discuss and exchange knowledge about their most cherished creations. To add even more excitement, you may invite aspiring or contemporary inventors from your community.

5 Electricity Facts

  • In 1869, Edison created a vote-counting apparatus that was his first patentable innovation.
  • As he grew older, Edison went from being entirely deaf in one year to partially deaf in the other, and he believed this improved his ability to focus.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Warren De La Rue, a British inventor, invented one of the first light bulbs in 1840. Edison was not the only person to produce the light bulb.
  • In 1893, Edison created one of the earliest cat films ever.
  • The speed at which electricity can move is 6,696,000 miles per hour.

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The Reasons We Adore Be Electrific Day

It inspires us to achieve more.

Be Electrific Day inspires us to be fearless and accomplish things that others seem impossible. It elevates us.

We find fresh and practical data.

It informs us of the significance of electricity for the regular operation of the human body in a world where most people believe that electricity is only found in wires and outlets. That is so thrilling!

It is a “tribute to” a legendary innovator.

Not everyone is aware of Edison’s significant contribution to humanity and the modern world. This day honors him for his inventions, which go beyond lightbulbs.


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