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Evacuation Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Day of Evacuation is observed on March 17. This is the date that the British army was compelled to leave Boston following George Washington’s successful defense of Dorchester Heights. It was the United States’ first significant military victory, and it played a crucial role in the war effort by bolstering troop morale. It also made Washington, the commander of the Continental Army at the time, a popular figure among Americans, which contributed to his election as the nation’s first president. Evacuation Day coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, an event that many Bostonians eagerly anticipate.

The background of Evacuation Day

General John Thomas led a force of 1,200 laborers and 800 soldiers to Dorchester Heights on March 4, 1776. This mission was authorized by George Washington. It was intended to fortify Dorchester Heights. In order to mask the noise of the fortification construction, the Americans began bombarding targets outside of Boston.

The following morning, on March 5, more than a dozen cannons from Fort Ticonderoga had arrived at Dorchester Heights. Lady Luck was on the side of the United States. Bad weather prohibited British ships docked in Boston harbor from destroying enemy bases, allowing the United States sufficient time to set up artillery and complete fortifications. As soon as the weather stabilized, the British realized their position was untenable. They were no longer able to occupy the city they had held for eight years, not with such powerful firepower aimed directly at their forces and naval fleet.

General William Howe, commander of the British army, did not wish to repeat the errors made during the Battle of Bunker Hill, despite the fact that the British outnumbered the Americans by a significant margin. He decided to withdraw in order to avoid suffering catastrophic losses in a Pyrrhic victory. On March 17, over 11,000 British troops departed Boston for Halifax, Nova Scotia, and never returned. This was a significant psychological triumph for Washington and the United States. In 1901, the Evacuation Day holiday was proclaimed. Massachusetts residents continue to commemorate this significant victory today.

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Observe a reenactment

Reenactments of the American Revolution are colorful spectacles featuring historically accurate clothing and weapons. In live-action displays of massive battles, history buffs and actors perform as opposing factions of the conflict. This is a fun method to learn about history.

Green attire should be worn.

People have combined the two holidays because Evacuation Day and St. Patrick’s Day coincide. St. Patrick’s Day and Evacuation Day celebrations are frequently combined in Boston, which is home to numerous Americans of Irish descent.

Observe the procession

Participate in the parade’s festivities and join together as a community to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Evacuation Day. Observe the parade from one of the numerous restaurants along the route, or join the crowds.

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The colonizers of Boston, Massachusetts, originated in the English city of Boston.

Bostonians constructed the nation’s first subway in 1897.

In 1765, the first chocolate factory in the United States opened in Dorchester.

Boston earned the moniker “Beantown” due to the residents’ fondness for baked beans and molasses.

In 1984, after a drunk driver murdered Kathleen Barry in a restaurant parking lot in Braintree, Massachusetts, happy hours were banned in Boston despite the city’s reputation for a robust drinking culture.


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2023 March 17 Friday
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