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Genius Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Genius Day is observed annually on March 14 to commemorate the birth of Albert Einstein, one of the most well-known scientists in modern history. The German-born theoretical physicist’s “Theory of Relativity” and the groundwork he set for what became quantum physics — the two pillars of modern physics — forever altered how humans viewed the universe. Posthumously, the Nobel laureate’s name has become synonymous with the term ‘genius,’ so what better way to honour his life and legacy than with a day dubbed Genius Day?

The background of Genius Day

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in a small town in Württemberg to Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch. Young Einstein attended education in Munich, Aarau, and Zurich. The Swiss national obtained his teaching certificate in Mathematics and Physics in 1901 and his doctorate in 1905, the same year he published four seminal works that gained him the respect of his peers.

In 1914, he became a Berlin professor and a German citizen. He taught at a number of institutions in Zurich, Prague, and Bern while continuing his research, and his outstanding contributions to the field of physics continued to earn him academic acclaim. He was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 for his unmatched contributions to the field. Einstein, who was visiting the United States on the eve of the Second World War, realised he could no longer return to Germany. In 1933, at the German Consulate in Belgium, he renounced his citizenship and spent the subsequent months attempting to relocate the numerous German-Jewish Scientists who had lost their positions in German academia.

Einstein ultimately accepted an offer to teach as a resident scholar at Princeton, U.S., a position he held until 1945, acquiring American citizenship five years prior to his departure. He remained affiliated with the university until 1955, when he passed away. Einstein’s legacy endures in contemporary physics.

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Read up on Einstein’s biography

What better method to commemorate the occasion than by studying Einstein’s biography? Obtain a book or documentary on the Nobel Prize winner.

Explore the virtual environment

Explore virtually a museum dedicated to the legacy of Albert Einstein. They are widely accessible via the internet.

Donate to philanthropic foundations

Modern physics is a significant part of Einstein’s enduring legacy. Donate to a charitable organisation that helps finance physics-related research.


In 1999, Einstein was designated the “TIME person” of the century.

Einstein was fascinated by the concept of invention during his tenure at the Swiss Patent Office, where he obtained fifty patents.

Einstein’s visage was used as inspiration for Yoda’s character design in “Star Wars.”

Einstein’s head was “abnormally large” for a newborn when he was born, but he ultimately grew into it.

Einstein infamously disdained and refused to wear hosiery!


Year Date Day
2023 March 14 Tuesday
2024 March 14 Thursday
2025 March 14 Friday
2026 March 14 Saturday
2027 March 14 Sunday