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Taranaki Anniversary Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Taranaki

This year, we celebrate Taranaki Anniversary Day on March 13. The holiday commemorates the establishment of the New Zealand province of Taranaki. Taranaki Anniversary Day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of March. The date is chosen so that it does not coincide with Easter. The government abolished provinces in 1876, so Taranaki Province is no longer applicable. Former provinces are currently referred to as regions. In 1841, the Plymouth Company assisted in the colonisation of the Taranaki province. The region was formerly known as New Plymouth Province. Later, it became Taranaki Province.

The background of Taranaki Anniversary Day

Approximately eight million years ago, the supercontinent Gondwana fragmented into a comparatively small landmass. The Tasman Sea opened, and the landmass that would become New Zealand separated from Australia and Antarctica. New Zealand’s early separation from the rest of the continent and complete isolation produced a distinct evolutionary path. Even fossil records bear witness to the impact of isolation and early separation. It also led to the presence of numerous endemic species that exist nowhere else on earth.

New Zealand consists of two major islands, the North and South Islands, and several lesser islands. Taranaki is located on the north island’s western coast. It is a beautiful piece of land where Mount Taranaki, a volcano, rises tall as a witness to the island’s history. The indigenous settlers originated in Polynesia. Before 700 years ago, these tribes inhabited the island and named themselves Maori.

Taranaki’s Maori population was nearly snuffed out during the 19th century as a result of internal conflicts among the Maori. During the same time period, European colonists began to arrive. Frederic Carrington, the surveyor for the Plymouth Company, chose Taranaki as the location for the settlement. Due to abundant rainfall and nutrient-dense volcanic soil, this is an agriculturally-viable region.

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Mount Taranaki is the North Island’s second-highest peak.

Taranaki is well-known for its dairy, petrochemical, and engineering sectors.

‘Taranaki’ means ‘shining mountain peak’ in Maori.

In addition to animals introduced by settlers, Taranaki was home to two native species of bats.

The gold-striped gecko is an uncommon animal that is exclusive to the coast of Taranaki.


Year Date Day
2022 March 14 Monday
2023 March 13 Monday
2024 March 11 Monday
2025 March 10 Monday
2026 March 9 Monday