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Haryana Day 2022: Date, History, Significance and Celebrations

Haryana Day 2022: November 1st is Haryana Day. Do the best you can at a location with a diverse culture, such as going sightseeing and exploring, to be ready to celebrate. Is it really true that Haryana exports the most Basmati rice? Prepare to chow down a lot!

Haryana Day’s history

The Shah Commission was constituted by the Indian government in April 1966 with the purpose of reviewing the existing state of Punjab and establishing the limits of the new state of Haryana while taking into mind the local languages. On or around May 31, 1966, the Commission issued its recommendations, and on November 1, 1966, Haryana was created.

The Commission’s report was changed most significantly by the decision to keep Chandigarh as the capital of both Punjab and Haryana as a Union Territory rather than dividing it.

Haryana’s name translates to “Kingdom of God.” Hari signifies God and Ayana means house in Sanskrit.

Despite having the 21st-largest territory among the 29 states, Haryana has the third-highest per capita GDP in India and is one of the most economically developed areas in South Asia.

Haryana Day’s Significance

The people of Haryana may commemorate this day by honouring their unique culture, history, and tongue. As a result, this day also honours the fight of the Haryana people for national independence. This day serves as a reminder that because of the sacrifices made by our forefathers, people may today openly enjoy their own cultures, traditions, and languages without any restrictions. As a result, on this day, the Hariyamvi leader and his people are respected and honoured.

The rich culture and history of Haryana set it apart from other Indian states. This is true of several other states as well, which is why India is known as the “land of diversity.”

The day honours all aspects of the Haryanvi identity, such as the Haryanvi language, dialect, costumes, traditions, holidays, and cuisine. This day urges all of the residents of Haryana to unite and celebrate their shared Haryana identity by taking part in the festivities with tremendous fervour and delight.

In addition to fostering norms, practises, and objectives, this holiday gives community members a sense of importance to one another and to the group. Encourage communal collaboration, support, togetherness, and solidarity. However, the holiday honours Hariyamvi’s identity while recognising the nation’s variety and urging harmony among all of its citizens. The holiday not only serves as a reminder of the battle to find Haryana but also a celebration of who we are as citizens of the enormous and varied country of India.

Haryana is a popular tourist destination, is renowned as a place with a wide variety of cultures, and has managed to keep modernity while conserving its culture. On this day, we have the chance to commemorate Prime Minister Haryana’s birth and his ongoing contributions to India’s history and economics. How can we overlook Haryana sportsmen who represent their nation with pride at numerous international sporting events when discussing Haryana’s contribution to the nation? India’s centre for wrestling and boxing is Haryana.

Celebrations of Haryana Day

A bicycle rally and a rally involving a race from Chandigarh to Panchkula take place during the Haryana festival. On the streets around the nation, everyone is cheering and clapping, even the bikers. The Pakwangprati Yogita food festival, which was hosted in tourist complexes at this period, is also remembered on the day of the Haryana Day Festival. Along with blood donation clinics, the Haryana Festival also features entertaining activities. Nearly every building in Haryana offers musical performances at night to make the Haryana Day event even more pleasurable. A joyful and lovely spectacle is created by brilliantly lighting and decorating all state facilities and structures. Additionally, many competitions are organised to liven up Haryana.

Competitions, races, and other events are attended by those who actively and joyfully take part.

FAQs on Haryana Day 2022

1. What was Haryana’s previous name?

Formerly, Haryana was known as Haryana. Hari signifies God and Ayana means house in Hindi. Haryana is Hindi for “the country of God.”

2. How did Haryana come to be?

Because the two main tribes spoke distinct languages—some people spoke Punjabi, while others spoke Hindi—Haryana was separated from Punjabi. As a result, Hindi-speaking Haryana and Punjabi-speaking Punjab were separated.

3. Is there a direct flight to Haryana?

At the moment, Haryana lacks an international airport. Although Hisar has a domestic airport, the only way to get to Haryana is by road or train from Delhi because the airport is being renovated.


Year Date Day
Haryana Day 2022 November 1 Tuesday
Haryana Day 2023 November 1 Wednesday
Haryana Day 2024 November 1 Friday
Haryana Day 2025 November 1 Saturday
Haryana Day 2026 November 1 Sunday