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Humiliation Day 2023

On January 3, 2023, the world will experience something that it has not seen in over a hundred years. That day is Humiliation Day 2023. Humiliation Day is a day of remembrance for those who have suffered humiliation and discrimination throughout their lives, from any source – race, sex, religion, culture or even disability. It is also a call to action for change and an attempt to cultivate understanding and empathy for all walks of life. In this blog post, we will discuss how Humiliation Day came about and what it means for the U.S today. We’ll explore how it can help us move forward toward a more accepting and tolerant America in the future.

The History of Humiliation Day

Congress issued a proclamation on July 20, 1775, suggesting that the English Colonies observe a day of fasting, public humiliation, and prayer with the approval of King George the Third. The declaration was issued to every colonial settlement. The purpose was to pray for the civil and religious liberties of the colonies. It was a resounding success with widespread participation, and since then, Congress has proclaimed an annual day of humiliation and prayer.

On May 6, 1779, General George Washington, Chief Commander of the Continental Army, likewise ordered a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer for his soldiers. For one day, the warriors suspended all activity and labour. During the terms of some presidents, the proclamation was not made. However, on March 23, 1798, President John Adams of the United States restored the custom. He advocated the observance of a day of profound humiliation, fasting, and prayer, during which the citizens would cease their worldly pursuits and demonstrate their humility to a greater force.

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How to Celebrate Humiliation Day

If you’re feeling down in the dumps and need a good laugh, then celebrate Humiliation Day on January 3! This light-hearted holiday is all about poking fun at yourself and others, so don’t take things too seriously. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate:

1. Make a list of all the embarrassing things that have happened to you in the past year. Then read it out loud to your friends or family (or even better, post it online for everyone to see!).
2. Go through old photos and find the most embarrassing ones to share with your friends.
3. Do something silly or embarrassing in public, like dancing around or singing loudly.
4. Prank your friends by putting humiliating captions on their photos (just make sure they don’t get too mad at you!).
5. Give someone you know a ‘humiliating’ nickname that they’ll have to live with for the day.
6. Dress up in an outrageous or humiliating outfit and go out in public.
7. Have a contest with your friends to see who can come up with the most embarrassing story.
8. Watch comedies or reality TV shows that make fun of people’s embarrassing moments (such as America’s Funniest Home Videos).

The Consequences of Humiliating Others

When we humiliate another person, we not only damage their self-esteem and sense of self-worth, we also cause them to feel shame. Shame is a painful emotion that can lead to a loss of faith in oneself, as well as feelings of isolation and worthlessness. In addition, humiliation often leads to anger and resentment, which can further damage relationships.


Humiliation Day is an important day to recognize and it serves as a reminder of the power of humility and introspection. This special day can be used to reflect on our actions, think about how we interact with others, and strive for more self-awareness in the coming year. We hope that by observing Humiliation Day, people across the U.S will feel encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible.


Year Date Day
2023 January 3 Tuesday
2024 January 3 Wednesday
2025 January 3 Friday
2026 January 3 Saturday
2027 January 3 Sunday