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International Read To Me Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

International Read To Me Day, observed annually on March 19 across the globe, highlights the significance of reading to children. Reading to children, whether for 10 minutes or an hour per day, helps develop their imagination, their knowledge, and their reading ability before they enter school. Due to the low literacy rate in a number of countries around the globe, this activity is crucial. Children in these countries are also taught to read later in life; consequently, their interest in education is diminished. If you want to live in an educated society, spread the word and begin daily reading to your offspring.

The background of International Read To Me Day

International Read to Me Day is a day dedicated to spreading the message of the significance of reading to children. However, the day also promotes authors, a passion of reading, and a worldwide message of literacy and education promotion. The day was originally established by the Child Writes Foundation in an effort to promote adult literacy.

According to a report, elementary school reading aloud to children can truly increase their desire to read. Therefore, reading to children is crucial to achieving this objective. In fact, forty percent of frequent readers aged six to ten read aloud at home. The relationship between literacy and reading can be traced back to antiquity, when people became more educated after the written word was created and then began to use these words orally.

During the fourth millennium B.C., images were used to convey messages. Those who knew the art of writing and reading in 3500 B.C. held public performances frequently. In 23 B.C., when books first appeared in Rome, the passion of reading grew. During this time, books were costly and scarce, so only a select few had access to them. With the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, books became widely available. Thus, with access to literature, the literacy rate increased. During the Industrial Revolution, as the price of books plummeted, the connection between literacy and reading also became evident. In some regions of the United States, the literacy rate reached 70 percent in the 1920s.

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Activities for International Read to Me Day

Initiate a reading in a library.

To honor the holiday in its genuine spirit, host a children’s library book reading day. Here, individuals of all ages can donate a few hours of their time to read to children.

Read aloud to a youngster

Are you a parent or do you have children in your family? Today is your chance to get near to them! Choose your beloved book and read for twenty minutes to the children. Ask them queries to stimulate their imagination later.

Spread knowledge

Utilize this day to raise awareness of the numerous advantages of reading to children. You can begin by posting on social media or hosting a webinar to explain the benefits.

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Between 4,000 and 12,000 words can be acquired annually through reading.

Daily reading for six minutes reduces tension by 68%.

Each day, President Theodore Roosevelt read one book.

The typical Indian spends 10.7 hours per week reading.

19% of readers believe that reading reduces emotions of loneliness.

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Year Date Day
2023 March 19 Sunday
2024 March 19 Tuesday
2025 March 19 Wednesday
2026 March 19 Thursday
2027 March 19 Friday