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International Client's Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Every year on March 19, the global business community commemorates International Client’s Day. As the name suggests, the patron is the focus of this particular unofficial holiday. Numerous organizations around the globe thank and congratulate their customers, visitors, partners, and even online shoppers — essentially anyone who could be considered a ‘client.’

The background of International Client’s Day

In 2010, employees of a Klaipda, Lithuania, business were debating how to commemorate their anniversary. Given the importance of clients to any business, they decided to thank their clients on their anniversary, only to discover that, despite the existence of odd, unusual, and bizarre holidays, the world lacked anything to commemorate the client.

Therefore, they reasoned, “Why not create one?” The first International Client’s Day greetings and celebrations were sent out on March 19, 2010, and it was a major event: newspapers reported on it, a website dedicated to the day was created, and it was even included in the Lithuanian public calendar.

International Client’s Day became a significant celebration for numerous major Lithuanian companies in 2013, with the President of Lithuania even praising this festival. This was adopted by Russia in the same year, and within a few years, International Client’s Day became one of the special occasions celebrated by global corporations. But how and when did the custom of recognizing customer and client loyalty begin?

One theory suggests that the concept of customer or client loyalty originated in the late eighteenth century, when American retailers distributed copper tokens redeemable for future purchases. Copper was regrettably too expensive to distribute, and copper tokens gradually died out, despite being an initially popular concept.

However, the notion that loyalty programs serve as both marketing tools and “thank you” gestures for all consumers took flight. As a “thank you” for purchasing their products, people began offering a variety of perks. Notable examples include the “Betty Crocker Points Program” for exchanging points for kitchenware and the frequent flier programs that provided complimentary flights after a certain number of miles flown, among others. In fact, tracking customer data, which was so uncommon in that era, became a standard feature of all such programs, and people quickly began analyzing customer trends to gain a deeper understanding of people’s purchasing behavior.

The internet, social media, and technology have propelled these loyalty programs to new heights, with some brands even forming strategic alliances to provide better rewards. There are now personalized rewards and experiences to express gratitude to customers for their patronage. For 21st-century customers, meaningful gestures have replaced conventional marketing gestures. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value clients contribute to the business by publicly recognizing them.

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Reward customers with presents.

If you are a person with clientele, what do you do for those who return? Of course, give them exclusive rewards! On their birthday, give them special offers, discounts, and favors. You can even develop a customized incentive program for each client.

Send customers a message

In order to establish a successful partnership with the client, a personalized message is more significant because sometimes the smallest actions have the greatest impact. Spend some time identifying and personally thanking your most loyal customers.

Use social media

Regardless of which side you fall on — client or organization — acknowledge this day on social media. Inform local businesses about this day and encourage your peers to participate more. You may be responsible for brightening someone’s day!

5 Interesting Facts About International Client Day

International Client’s Day is the only holiday established specifically for clients worldwide.

In addition to local enterprises, educational institutions, telecommunications companies, and government organizations participate extensively in the country where this day originated.

According to various dictionaries, a client pays a professional or organization for a service, while a consumer purchases something from a business.

Acquia, a digital experience company, conducted a global survey that revealed a staggering 75% of individuals are loyal for life if brands can earn their trust.

SoFi, an American personal finance company, was the first in the world to declare that it would convert reward points into cryptocurrency.


Year Date Day
2023 March 19 Sunday
2024 March 19 Tuesday
2025 March 19 Wednesday
2026 March 19 Thursday
2027 March 19 Friday