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League of Nations Day 2023: Date, History and Facts

League of Nations Day 2023 is celebrated annually on January 10. It went into effect on this date in 1920, having been approved by 42 nations the year prior. This now-defunct international organisation aimed to promote international cooperation and maintain world peace. Other priorities include disarmament, preventing war through collective security, resolving international conflicts through diplomacy and negotiation, and promoting global well-being. Even though the organisation ceased operations in the 1940s, many of its goals and objectives directly influenced the United Nations, making it a predecessor to the UN.

League of Nations Day: History

The League of Nations, founded after World War I, is considered the forerunner of the United Nations. The League of Nations covenant was signed under the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919, and the organisation was established in January 1920. The League was composed of a General Assembly representing all member states, an Executive Council with four permanent and nine elected members, and a Permanent Secretariat representing the civil service. Britain, France, Italy, and Japan were the Executive Council’s permanent members. When necessary, they were responsible for enforcing its resolutions, economic sanctions, and the army.

In its prime, which lasted from September 28, 1934 to February 23, 1935, the League had 58 members. Despite its accomplishments, it suffered notable defeats as well. In the 1930s, it was unable to stand against the Axis powers because the United States had not yet joined the war. Japan, Italy, Spain, and Germany, as well as a few other nations, withdrew after its credibility began to decline.

During World War II, the League of Nations was unable to achieve its objectives. Many members reverted to the traditional system of defensive alliances and power blocs after their departure. The League was disbanded for good on April 19, 1946. Its objectives and powers were merged with those of the United Nations, which had a more robust structure, devoted members, and effective tools and methods for conflict prevention.

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Facts about the League of Nations

  • As the architect of the League of Nations, President Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.
  • The League consisted of 42 nations, with the most powerful being Great Britain and France.
  • Because of their aggressions during World War I, Germany and Russia were denied membership.
  • The League’s headquarters were located in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • In April 1946, the League transferred all of its property to the United Nations, including the library and archives.


Year Date Day
2023 January 10 Tuesday
2024 January 10 Wednesday
2025 January 10 Friday
2026 January 10 Saturday
2027 January 10 Sunday