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Mariachi Day 2023: Date, History, Different Types of Mariachi Music

Mexico is known for its vibrant culture, music, and delicious food. Each year, the people of Mexico gather to celebrate Mariachi Day – a day to honor Mexico’s rich musical history. Every January 21st since 1955, Mexican cities have united in revelry and celebration as they take part in one of the oldest and most beloved musical traditions in the world: mariachi music. This blog post will discuss why Mariachi Day is such an important holiday to Mexicans and how you can join in on the celebration. We’ll explore the origins of mariachi music, what makes it so unique, and how it has become a symbol of pride for Mexicans all over the world. So get ready to dance and sing along with us as we look at this beautiful tradition!

What is Mariachi?

Mariachi is a traditional Mexican music genre that dates back to the 18th century. It is characterized by its use of stringed instruments, such as the guitar, vihuela, and violin, as well as the maracas and guitarrón. Mariachi music has been popularized in recent years by such artists as Vicente Fernández and Luis Miguel.

The word “mariachi” derives from the French word for marriage, “mariage”. It is believed that the first mariachi bands were formed in the state of Jalisco, Mexico in the early 1800s. These bands would travel from town to town, playing at weddings and other celebrations. The popularity of mariachi music soon spread throughout Mexico and eventually to other countries, such as the United States.

In Mexico, January 21 is known as “Día de Reyes” or “King’s Day”. This day commemorates the story of the Three Kings, who are said to have brought gifts to baby Jesus. In many Mexican towns and cities, there are processions and celebrations on this day featuring mariachi bands. In some places, such as Guadalajara, Jalisco, there are even special events and concerts dedicated to mariachi music.

The History of Mariachi

Mariachi music has been around for centuries, with its roots in Mexican folk music. The first Mariachi bands were made up of traveling musicians who would play at parties and festivals. These bands slowly began to gain popularity, and by the early 1900s, Mariachi music was a staple at festivals and celebrations all over Mexico.

The first Mariachi Day was celebrated in 1937 in the town of Zacatecas. Every year since then, Mexicans all over the world celebrate Mariachi Day by listening to and playing Mariachi music. On this day, we remember the rich history of this beautiful musical style and honor the talented musicians who keep it alive.

The Different Types of Mariachi Music

There are many different types of mariachi music, each with its own unique style and sound. The most popular type of mariachi music is Mexican folk music, which has a lively, upbeat sound that is perfect for dancing. Other popular types of mariachi music include Mexican classical music, which has a more traditional sound, and Mexican pop music, which is a mix of both folk and pop styles.

The Instruments of Mariachi

There are few instruments more evocative of Mexico than the mariachi. The traditional Mexican folk music genre is characterized by its distinctive instrumentation, which includes violins, guitars, trumpets, and vihuelas.

Mariachi bands often have a wide range of instrumentation, depending on the size of the ensemble and the particular regional style. In smaller groups, it is not uncommon for all of the instruments to be played by a single musician.

The violin is perhaps the most essential instrument in mariachi music, providing both melody and harmony. The guitar is also essential, serving as both a rhythm and lead instrument. Trumpets add a bright, festive sound to mariachi music, while the vihuela adds a softer counterpoint.

While mariachi music can be performed with any combination of these instruments, the traditional mariachi band consists of at least two violins, two guitars, one trumpet, and one vihuela.

How to Play Mariachi Music

In Mexico, Mariachi music is enjoyed all year round, but January 21 is especially set aside to celebrate this vibrant and festive genre. Here are some tips on how to get started playing Mariachi music:

The first thing you need is a good mariachi guitar. These can be found at most music stores, or online. Look for a guitar that’s comfortable for you to play and has a nice, rich sound.

Next, you’ll need to learn some basic chords and strumming patterns. Don’t worry if you’ve never played guitar before – there are plenty of resources out there to help you get started. Once you’ve got the hang of some basic chords, try learning some traditional mariachi songs. “La Bamba” and “Cielito Lindo” are two classics that are perfect for beginners.

As you become more confident with your playing, start experimenting with different rhythms and melodies. Mariachi music is all about creativity and expression, so have fun with it!

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Celebrating Mariachi Day is the perfect way to show your respect and admiration for those dedicated musicians who bring life to traditional Mexican music. We hope that this article has informed you about what Mariachi Day is, as well as giving you some ideas of how to celebrate it when January 21st comes around. Why not get together with family or friends and put on a mariachi-style concert? Bring out your inner musician and make 2023’s celebration the best one yet!


Year Date Day
2023 January 21 Saturday
2024 January 21 Sunday
2025 January 21 Tuesday
2026 January 21 Wednesday
2027 January 21 Thursday