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Mother’s Day Norway 2024: Date, History and Facts

Norway celebrates Mother's Day in February, a special national day honoring mothers for over 100 years. Businesses close on this Sunday to make it extra special.

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Mother’s Day Norway 2024: This year’s Mother’s Day, or Morsdag, falls on February 11 since it is observed on the second Sunday in February in Norway. A unique national holiday is observed to celebrate moms and mother figures. Did you know that the nation has been celebrating the occasion for more than a century? Locals refer to it as “Morsdag.” Furthermore, as it always falls on a Sunday, the majority of companies are closed on that day! See our gift recommendations if you want to add something extra special to Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Norway History

Mother’s Day is observed in more than 50 nations worldwide and is regarded as one of the most well-liked holidays worldwide. This Day is a legal national holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in May, even though it is not commemorated as a public holiday in the US. However, Mother’s Day is not observed on the same day every year in every nation.

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On the second Sunday in May, countries such as Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey commemorate Mother’s Day. Every year on May 10, Mexico and a few other Latin American nations observe Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day in Thailand is observed on August 12, which also happens to be the present Queen’s birthday.

The ancient Greeks celebrated Rhea, who was revered as the mother of the gods, with celebrations that can be traced back to the origins of Mother’s Day. On the second Sunday in February, Norway celebrates Mother’s Day, or Morsdag, as a day to honor and cherish mothers and other mother figures. In a Methodist church in Bergen on February 9, 1919, Mother’s Day was observed for the first time in Norway.

Before two women—politician and businesswoman Karen Platou and social worker, educator, and women’s rights activist Dorothea Schjodager—established the day as a national holiday in Norway, religious organizations were responsible for organizing the celebration. These women’s concepts of Mother’s Day went on to become a national holiday because of the support of non-governmental groups, businesspeople, and the media.

In Norway, mothers celebrate this day with gifts and sometimes breakfast in bed, including handmade goods and cards from their offspring. Locals occasionally celebrate with “Fastelavenboller,” a unique kind of bun, on the day that falls on Fastelavn, Carnival Day.

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Activities for Mother’s Day Norway

In bed, serve her breakfast.

Serve her a lovely breakfast in bed to start her day off on a romantic note. Make her favorite breakfast, serve it with a drink of fresh juice, and give her a day off from housework. To express your love and appreciation for your mother or wife, place a heartfelt note in the food tray.

Take her out for the day.

Recall that today is a celebration of your mother. Gifts and presents are kind and considerate, but if you don’t live close to one another, she’ll value your presence more. Take her on activities she has always wanted to do with you and spend this day together. You may go on a picnic, bake or cook together, look through old family photos and relive some special moments, watch a ton of movies, or simply spend time playing games at home.

Organize an unexpected celebration.

You and your siblings might potentially organize a surprise Mother’s Day celebration for your mother. You might also ask the other mothers in the area to take part in the enjoyment. Prepare your mother’s favorite dishes and beverages. Get her some flowers and thoughtful presents that you know she’ll like. As you celebrate her, let every partygoer heap praise upon her.

5 Amazing Mother’s Day Facts

  • Mother’s Day is third in popularity among global holidays, after Christmas and Easter.
  • On Mother’s Day, more phone calls are made than any other day of the year—roughly 122.5 million.
  • On Mother’s Day, almost 25% of all flowers sold worldwide are purchased throughout the year.
  • With over 80 million folks making reservations for Mother’s Day in 2018, eateries experience their busiest day of the year.
  • Christmas and Hanukkah are the two holidays that sell more flowers and plants than Mother’s Day.

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The reasons we adore Mother’s Day Norway

Honoring mothers

Mother’s Day is just a day to commemorate and celebrate the people who give us smiles, warm hugs, kind words, and delicious meals. Mothers are superheroes. We adore them beyond measure!

Time to have fun and connect

We occasionally lose out on important moments spent with our mothers, who have dedicated their lives to raising us and seeing us through, because we are overly preoccupied and busy. Mother’s Day gives us a chance to laugh heartily and spend quality time with our mothers.

Creating Recollections

We get to spend joyful moments with our mothers and the rest of the family on Mother’s Day. We could sit about, eat delicious food, crack family jokes, and look through old family pictures.


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