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Museum Selfie Day 2023: Date, History and Purpose

Since London blogger Mar Dixon started the Museum Selfie Day trend, it has gone global and spawned an abundance of creative social media posts. By their very nature, museums have always been slow to adopt new regulations. Their “no photography” signs discourage the use of flash photography, which degrades the quality of conserved works. But in today’s world of high-sensitivity smartphone cameras, a growing number of museums are relaxing their photography policies in an effort to increase public participation. Museum Selfie Day on January 18 is the ideal occasion for individuals to express their creativity.


It’s a chance to be inventive.

There are only a handful of museums where taking a selfie is truly inappropriate, regardless of whether you’re posing with your favourite dinosaur skeleton or Photoshopping yourself into a famous painting. We adore “selfies” in which people pose as if an exhibit of William Shakespeare, for example, took the photo themselves.

It makes museums come alive

However, not like Ben Stiller’s “Night at the Museum.” When you explore a museum with social media in mind, you can share its exhibits with your friends and networks. It gives the exhibits themselves a wider audience, as opposed to being frozen in time. Mark Zuckerberg has frequently stated that he wants Facebook to connect people to things larger than themselves; this is a perfect illustration of how you can use it to accomplish this.

Cameras are continually improving.

Smartphone cameras can function under the most difficult photographic conditions. Places where it was once too dark to take a selfie or too difficult to carry a camera are now accessible for exploration. As technology advances, don’t forget about video selfies, slow-motion selfies, and all the other available selfie filters. We can each do something fresh and original with our rich cultural heritage.

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Year Date Day
2023 January 18 Wednesday
2024 January 17 Wednesday
2025 January 15 Wednesday
2026 January 21 Wednesday