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National Day Brunei 2023: Date, History, Facts

Brunei’s National Day is annually observed on February 23. National Day, also known as “Hari Nasional” in Malay, commemorates the day Brunei gained independence from the United Kingdom. Brunei was a protectorate of the United Kingdom for more than two decades before attaining complete independence. The day is significant for all Bruneians, who use it as an opportunity to demonstrate their patriotism. There are massive celebrations in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital, and the Sultan of Brunei marches in them.

The background of National Day Brunei

Brunei, a Southeast Asian country, is situated on the island of Borneo and is surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia. The country is currently a monarchy, ruled by its Sultan, and applies both Sharia and English common law. Brunei existed as the Srivijaya Empire as early as the 7th century, according to ancient history. It used to be a predominantly Hindu country that was incredibly wealthy. The country’s rulers converted to Islam sometime in the 15th century, and Islam has remained the dominant religion ever since.

The Empire of Brunei began to decline in the 1600s, and the British became involved in a succession dispute over the rightful Sultan in the 1800s. The Sultan signed an agreement with Britain in 1888 that gave Britain control of Brunei’s foreign affairs and allowed British citizens to enter the country. Brunei was briefly occupied by the Japanese during World War II, but the British eventually defeated the Japanese and retook control of Brunei after the war. By this time, however, the people of Brunei had formed political parties to return to the Sultan’s rule and preserve their culture.

First, a constitution declaring Brunei to be an independent state was drafted, with the United Kingdom retaining responsibility for foreign affairs, security, and defence. The British suppressed a rebellion against the Brunei Sultanate. Brunei attained complete independence from the United Kingdom, which is commemorated every February on National Day.


James Brooke, a British soldier, gradually seized control of the country by annexing land from the Sultan. To stop him, the Sultan made a deal with the British, who then assumed control.

The discovery of oil fields has contributed significantly to modern Brunei’s wealth and development.

When the Sultan, who had resided in Limbang for the duration of the Japanese occupation, abdicated the throne, the Japanese accorded him full honours.

The party contributed to the composition of the national anthem and was founded to defend the independence of the Malay people and their interests against the Sultan.

On December 31, 1983, a large gathering of people was organised at the main mosques, where the Sultan read the declaration.


Year Date Day
2023 February 23 Thursday
2024 February 23 Friday
2025 February 23 Sunday
2026 February 23 Monday
2027 February 23 Tuesday