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National Device Appreciation Day – December 17, 2022

National Device Appreciation Day 2022: Celebrate National Device Appreciation Day on December 17, 2022! This is a day to show your appreciation for the devices that make your life easier. From your smartphone to your computer, National Device Appreciation Day is the perfect time to show how thankful you are for the technology in your life.

What is National Device Appreciation Day?

National Device Appreciation Day is an annual event that celebrates the life-changing contributions of medical devices to patients and families.

On this day, we recognize the more than 2 million Americans who have had their lives prolonged or improved by implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, artificial hips and knees, cochlear implants, and insulin pumps. We also honor the men and women who work in the medical device industry, from engineers and designers to manufacturers and clinicians.

This day provides an opportunity to reflect on how far medical technology has come in just a few short decades. It is also a time to remember those who have benefited from these life-saving and life-enhancing technologies.

The History of National Device Appreciation Day

This date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the first commercially available computer, the UNIVAC I. The day celebrates all devices that have made our lives better, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and more.

The goal of National Device Appreciation Day is to celebrate all devices that have made our lives better. This includes everything from early computers to modern smartphones and tablets.

Grier says that he wanted to create a day to celebrate these devices because they are often taken for granted. We use them every day without thinking about how amazing they are. National Device Appreciation Day is a chance to stop and think about all the ways these devices have improved our lives.

How to Celebrate National Device Appreciation Day

National Device Appreciation Day is a day to celebrate the devices that we use every day. Here are some ways to celebrate:

1. Use your favorite device more than usual.

2. Give your device a special clean and polish.

3. Show your device some extra love and care by giving it a protective case or screen protector.

4. Take some time to learn about the history of your favorite device and how it has evolved over time.

5. Share your appreciation for your device with others, and encourage them to celebrate National Device Appreciation Day as well!

The Importance of Showing Appreciation for Technology

In a world where we are constantly inundated with new technology, it’s easy to take for granted the devices and gadgets that make our lives easier. From the smartphone in your pocket to the computer on your desk, we rely on technology more than ever before.

That’s why National Device Appreciation Day is so important. On December 17th, we celebrate all the ways that technology has made our lives better. From staying connected with loved ones to getting our work done, there are endless reasons to appreciate the role of technology in our lives.

Here are just a few of the ways you can show your appreciation for technology this December:

1. Make a list of all the ways technology has improved your life.

2. Reach out to friends and family members who live far away using video chat or social media.

3. Use online resources to learn about new technologies and how to use them effectively.

4. Support businesses that are using technology to improve their products or services.

5. Most importantly, take some time to enjoy all the amazing things your favorite devices can do!


Thank you for reading and we hope you have a better understanding of what National Device Appreciation Day is all about. We encourage everyone to take some time out of their day on December 17th to show their appreciation for the devices that make our lives easier. Let us know in the comments how you plan on celebrating National Device Appreciation Day!

National Device Appreciation Day Dates:

Year Date Day
2022 December 17 Saturday
2023 December 17 Sunday
2024 December 17 Tuesday
2025 December 17 Wednesday
2026 December 17 Thursday