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National Let's Laugh Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

This is the day you’ve been waiting for, if you’re a guffawer, cackler, chortler, or belly-laugher. National Let’s Laugh Day is a 24-hour celebration on March 19 of the unifying power of mirth. This year’s Let’s Laugh Day is brought to you by Laffy Taffy, the confectionery that has been delighting you and your family with jokes on every wrapper since 1971. Let’s Laugh Day is an opportunity to laugh with the people you care about. (rubber chicken not required).

The background of National Let’s Laugh Day

On National Let’s Laugh Day, we are reminded to maintain a lighthearted attitude and inject a little amusement into our daily lives. If you have been in a funk for a while or haven’t been feeling well, you should laugh away your concerns and take it easy. Ultimately, laughter is the greatest medicine, and that is exactly what the doctor ordered for March 19!

Historically, jokes have been the most effective method to provide comic relief. The earliest known jest dates back to 1900 B.C. Similarly, laughter can be infectious. This is why laugh tracks were added to television programs to indicate when a comedic scene occurs and cue the audience when to laugh. The first American television program to utilize a laugh track was “The Hank McCune Show” in 1950.

Whereas frowning causes wrinkles, laughter creates endearing, muscle-beneficial wrinkles. ‘mirth yoga’ is an increasingly popular activity in which facial, abdominal, and pulmonary muscles are exercised through mirth. Laughter also induces the release of endorphins and reduces cortisol levels.

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Grab some Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy has more jokes than a comedy performance, as each wrapper contains a joke. Grab a package to keep your family (and yourself) in fits of laughter for hours.

Attend a comedy venue.

As with plumbing or dentistry, professional comedy can often be thoroughly appreciated. Nevertheless, you should not avoid open mic evenings. A bad joke can still be amusing.

View some of the greatest comedies ever made.

Enter that streaming service and immerse yourself in comedy. With tens of thousands of options, there is a comedy for everyone. Even some of the elder ones are still viable.

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Ten minutes of laughter consumes approximately 50 calories.

Gelotology is the scientific study of mirth and its effects.

The probability of individuals laughing in a group is thirty times greater.

Laughter causes the release of the hormone HGH, which strengthens the immune system and fights off pathogens.

Since there is no element of surprise, your brain anticipates the tickling, and as a result, you do not experience ticklishness when you stimulate yourself.


Year Date Day
2023 March 19 Sunday
2024 March 19 Tuesday
2025 March 19 Wednesday
2026 March 19 Thursday
2027 March 19 Friday