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National Poultry Day 2023: Date, History, Ways about Poultry

When we first learned that March 19 is National Poultry Day, a celebration of our national affection for poultry, we suspected foul play. We struggled to figure out how to commemorate poultry without favoritism because we are biased; when it comes to poultry, chickens reign supreme. We will have no choice but to wing this one.

The background of National Poultry Day

Chicken is the most consumed flesh in the United States, with each of us consuming an estimated 101 pounds per year. Because it is inexpensive (should we say “cheaper?”? ), widely available, simple to prepare, and versatile, chicken has become our preferred protein. However, poultry were not always valued for their compatibility with an infinite number of seasonings, flavors, and cooking techniques.

The origin of the term poultry is the Latin word “pullus,” which means “small animal.” Today, the term poultry is used to describe domesticated birds raised for meat, eggs, and potentially feathers. It is believed that the first birds intentionally raised by humans were retained for their entertainment value, not their spicy wings. 10,000 years ago, Southeast Asia and China were the first cultures to breed chickens for the pastime of cockfighting, according to archeological evidence. Roosters engaged in combat are depicted artistically throughout the ruins of numerous ancient cultures.

Until recently, the earliest evidence of widespread poultry consumption in Europe dates back to the first century B.C. However, researchers have uncovered what may be evidence that chickens were domesticated for sustenance in an ancient Israeli city at least 100 years earlier. We may never know when or how the first chicken roasted over a fire was consumed, but it is clear that it was not the last.

Aside from the arenas and amphitheaters of ancient Rome, Greece, China, and Asia, poultry have held divine status in human societies for eons. In remote cultures, chickens are still believed to possess magical divinatory powers due to their fighting prowess, which has led to their worship in many parts of the globe.

Although some people around the globe continue to engage in legal and illegal cockfighting, the oldest continuous sport in the world has been illegal in all fifty states of the United States since 2008. This makes us happy because we believe that cockfighting is inhumane, and our lovely feathered friend the chicken is now a scientific superstar. In 2004, geneticists successfully mapped the genome of the chicken, which was the first domesticated animal and the first avian. It has been discovered that the poultry is the first dinosaur descendant. Who would have known? We ponder whether a cockfight between two prehistoric roostasaurusrex would have been regarded as fowl play or as pure poultry motion. Modern chickens are pullus, which are small creatures.

On National Poultry Day, chickens and other poultry are celebrated not only for their culinary value, but also for their lesser-known contribution as companions. Common laying chickens and exotic heritage breeds that are as colorful as tropical fish and can cost up to $399 for a single day-old chick make excellent pets. Some say that chickens are superior to cats at catching mice, and they will keep your vegetable garden fertile and free of pests.

We recognize that by winging it, we overlooked the fact that poultry encompasses more than simply chickens. We will attempt again and work harder next year to include other birds in our National Poultry Day tribute.

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Before the invention of modern pens, feather quills were angled and immersed in ink to be used as writing instruments.

Dry feathers are highly flammable and can be used as tinder to rapidly ignite a campfire with just a spark.

Fly fishermen and women have used the decorative plumage of birds for years to tie the ideal lure for landing prized trophy fish such as mackerel, bass, and trout.

Goose down, which is silky, fluffy, and warm, has become the most coveted filling for luxuriously comfortable – and pricey – pillows and comforters.

Since 1993, feathers have been incorporated into the production of magnificent decorative papers.


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2023 March 19 Sunday
2024 March 19 Tuesday
2025 March 19 Wednesday
2026 March 19 Thursday
2027 March 19 Friday