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National Librarian Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Pop culture depicts librarians as elderly women who continuously hush their teenage patrons, but librarians are dedicated professionals who perform a variety of tasks to keep libraries operational,

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The 16th of April is National Librarian Day, a time to express gratitude for all the knowledge librarians possess. You may think of librarians as book peddlers who spend their days cataloguing and reshelving books, but they play a much more significant role. Libraries provide a plethora of free public resources, ranging from children’s storytimes to literacy classes.

Professional librarians are trained in Library Science and utilise complex cataloguing systems to organise books, make purchasing decisions for their library, liaise with local schools and universities, organise events and programming, and teach classes, among other responsibilities. Their role is ever-evolving in order to accommodate new technologies and social demands. Celebrate National Librarian Day with us and express gratitude to the incredible librarians who are always willing to assist.

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The background of National Librarian Day

Pop culture depicts librarians as elderly women who continuously hush their teenage patrons, but librarians are dedicated professionals who perform a variety of tasks to keep libraries operational, organise programming, and update library collections.

The majority of the earliest sizable libraries in the United States were privately owned and required access fees or paid memberships. In the late 1800s, the concept of free public libraries gained popularity. After Melvil Dewey standardised library cataloguing with his Dewey Decimal System and other practises in the early 20th century, public libraries expanded significantly with thousands of new branches across the country. By the year 1900, libraries had also expanded in scope, with many now offering reference sections and interlibrary loans. During the Great Depression, libraries were a lifeline for families in need of a safe haven and free entertainment.

Today, libraries serve as much more than mere knowledge repositories. In order to keep up with evolving technology, libraries now offer audiobooks, e-reader materials, free computer classes, and access to free online resources. Numerous public libraries provide language and citizenship classes, access to valuable tools and technology, such as 3D printers and computers, as well as free workshops on a variety of hobbies and life skills. They offer free shelter during hot or rainy days and serve as a secure, welcoming hangout for children and adolescents.

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Visit your local library

When was your last visit to the library? Many public libraries are housed in magnificent historic structures. Discover yours today.

Gratitude to a librarian

Thank your local librarian for their service and express your gratitude.

Make a book donation to a library

Inquire if your local library is seeking specific donations. Check your shelves or purchase a few new volumes to add to their library.


In 2019, the average American adult visited the public library 10.5 times but only five times the movie theatre.

The U.S. Library of Congress contains 168 million objects, making it the largest library in the world.

The Tikkurila Library in Vantaa, Finland is equipped with a (soundproof) karaoke chamber, contrary to the common belief that libraries require silence.

Members of the New York Public Library can borrow ties, briefcases, and other accessories to spruce up their attire for a job interview in order to assist job-seeking New Yorkers.

There are more public central libraries and branch libraries in the United States than there are McDonald’s restaurants.


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