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National Michigan Day 2023: Date, History of The Great Lakes State

National Michigan Day 2023: If you’ve ever been to the Great Lakes State, you know that Michigan is one of the most amazing places in the United States. From its natural beauty to the unique culture and vibrant cities, there’s something for everyone here. That’s why it has been proposed that we make January 18th National Michigan Day! On this special day each year, we will honor our beloved state and all its wonderful people, places, and things. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new holiday – and how you can get involved!

What is National Michigan Day?

In the United States, National Michigan Day is celebrated on January 18th. This date was chosen to honor the state of Michigan, which was admitted into the Union on this day in 1837.

Michigan is a Midwestern state that is known for its Great Lakes beaches, auto industry, and diverse cities. Detroit, the state’s largest city, is home to Motown Records and several major league sports teams. Lansing, the state capital, is known as the “Capital of Cool” for its lively arts scene. Other major cities in Michigan include Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Flint.

Michigan Day is a day to celebrate all that this state has to offer. From its natural beauty to its thriving industries, there is much to love about Michigan. So take some time on January 18th to learn more about this great state and show your pride on National Michigan Day!

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The History of National Michigan Day

National Michigan Day commemorates the anniversary of the admission of Michigan into the Union as the 26th state. The holiday falls on January 18, the day that Michigan was admitted into the Union in 1837.

Michigan was first settled by Native Americans thousands of years ago. The first European settlers arrived in the 17th century, when the area was part of New France. In 1763, control of the area passed to Great Britain after the French and Indian War. After the American Revolutionary War, the area became part of the Northwest Territory.

In 1805, Michigan was divided into two parts: Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) and Lower Canada (present-day Quebec). In 1818, both parts were merged into a single province called Canada West.

In 1835, a group of rebels in Canada West, known as the Patriots, began agitating for independence from Britain. On December 4, 1836, a convention was held in Ann Arbor to declare Michigan’s independence from Britain. However, British authorities did not recognize Michigan’s independence and quickly quelled the rebellion.

On January 18, 1837, Michigan was admitted into the Union as a free state. This date is now commemorated as National Michigan Day.

When is National Michigan Day?

National Michigan Day is celebrated on January 18th in the United States. This day commemorates the admission of Michigan into the Union as the 26th state in 1837.

On National Michigan Day, people across the state come together to celebrate all that makes Michigan great. From its natural beauty to its thriving economy and diverse culture, there’s a lot to love about Michigan.

This year, take some time to explore all that Michigan has to offer on National Michigan Day. Visit a state park, try a new restaurant, or simply spend time with friends and family enjoying all that this great state has to offer!

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National Michigan Day is a great way to honor the state of Michigan and recognize its many accomplishments. Whether you are from the Great Lakes State or just want to pay homage to it, January 18th is a day that should be celebrated. The beauty, commerce, history and culture of Michigan can all be highlighted on this special day. From Detroit’s historic architecture and museums to Mackinac Island’s natural wonders and lighthouses, there is much in our state worth honoring every year on National Michigan Day!


Year Date Day
2023 January 18 Wednesday
2024 January 18 Thursday
2025 January 18 Saturday
2026 January 18 Sunday
2027 January 18 Monday