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National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Spread An Umbrella Indoors Day is observed on March 13 each year. It is a day to test the common belief that opening an umbrella indoors will bring misfortune. Superstitions are irrational beliefs that influence people’s conduct. These are irrational beliefs that executing or not performing certain actions will result in bad luck or good luck, respectively. National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day gives you the opportunity to test your fate and see how the day unfolds!

The background of National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day

Thomas Edward Knibb is credited with creating National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day to encourage people to investigate whether opening an umbrella indoors brings ill luck.

It is also known as a parasol, brolly, bumbershoot, rainshade, sunshade, gamp, and canopy. It is a device made of fabric on a metal frame that is used to shield a person from rain, sun, and the elements. Egyptians were the first to design umbrellas, which date back to 1100 BCE. Made of lotus leaves or feathers over a stick structure, they were primarily utilised by the nobility.

The invention reached China, where it was also utilised by Chinese royalty. During excursions, servants were forced to transport these leather, silk, or fabric contraptions over their masters’ shoulders. However, the remainder of the population was restricted to using paper umbrellas. Umbrellas eventually spread to other regions, including Korea, Greece, Japan, Rome, India, and North America.

The superstition regarding opening umbrellas indoors can also be traced back to ancient Egypt, when the sun deity was worshipped. It was believed that opening an umbrella indoors would anger their deity, so people avoided doing so at all costs. The superstition has its origins in the circumstances surrounding the umbrella in 18th-century England. Umbrellas were not as lightweight and user-friendly in the past. They were outfitted with metal spokes and were considerably heavier than they are now. Therefore, it was hazardous to open an umbrella inside, where others were likely to be injured. The concept of opening an umbrella indoors evolved from a simple caution to a superstition.

An additional superstition states that opening an umbrella indoors will not bring poor luck unless the umbrella is black.


Use an umbrella

What better way to commemorate this holiday than by using an umbrella? Get an umbrella if you live in a region with a rainy season to avoid frantic dashes for protection. And if it is sunny where you are, open your umbrella and enjoy a pleasant promenade without having to squint.

Open an umbrella indoors

The purpose of the celebration is to determine whether the superstition is true. Try your chances by opening an umbrella indoors. Take note of any odd occurrences that occur throughout the day.

Admire the canopies.

You can not only celebrate with traditional umbrellas, but also with umbrella-themed items. Order a drink with one of these miniature umbrellas or don an ensemble with an umbrella motif.

5 essential facts about umbrellas

Little umbrellas were first used as drink decorations in 1959 by Harry Yee, a bartender in Hawaii.

In 1969, umbrellas were created from Coca-Cola bottles and plant materials.

Kenneth Warth invented the canine umbrella, which is used to shield dogs from the elements.

The ‘Wezzo umbrella’ is a smart umbrella that transmits a Bluetooth alert to your phone when it is about to rain.

National Geographic captured an image of a frog using a leaf to shelter itself from the rain.


Year Date Day
2023 March 13 Monday
2024 March 13 Wednesday
2025 March 13 Thursday
2026 March 13 Friday
2027 March 13 Saturday