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Smart and Sexy Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Smart and Sexy Day is celebrated annually on March 13, and we are thrilled to honour the intelligence, intellect, and ingenuity of magnificent women in a variety of professions. According to research, women make up approximately 49% of the global workforce. In recent years, women have been actively seeking employment and employment opportunities, and this trend is expected to continue.

The background of Smart and Sexy Day

Even during the era of prehistoric men who were all hunters and gatherers, women have been in the workforce. In agrarian societies, when men transitioned from hunters to farmers, women were at the forefront of farm produce processing and other duties related to their assigned role as the men’s support system at the time.

Historiographers have discovered and hypothesised that many ancient societies were matriarchal, with women at the centre of assuring the continued survival and existence of the family unit and, by extension, the society. In recent years, however, and as a result of new global narratives about what women should or should not do and which occupations are suitable for which gender, it has been difficult for a greater proportion of women to obtain employment, although the gap is being gradually closed.

The concept behind ‘Smart and Attractive’ is that women are intelligent and inventive when it comes to their careers and workplaces, as well as having the ability to dress with the confidence and professionalism that comes with the position. Therefore, it is a declaration of feminism and competence, of attractiveness and intelligence.

Educated and Sexy Day is an Alliance for Career Development Nonprofits initiative (A.C.D.N.). It is held annually in various parts of the globe to train and educate women on the importance of self-confidence when seeking employment and career opportunities. The organisation teaches women who attend the event how to maintain a professional attire regardless of their financial situation.

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Attend the function

During this time of year, the A.C.D.N. organises events to raise awareness and provide assistance to career-minded women in the areas of employment skills, attire, and wardrobe building. Attend one of these events, which are hosted all over the globe by their partners.

Apply for the position

The purpose of Smart and Sexy Day is to remind women of their abilities and assets, as well as their creativity and individuality, which make them not inferior in the workplace. As a woman, put on your business attire, go out, and confidently apply for that position you’ve been coveting.

Contribute to the initiative

Donate money or high-quality office attire to show your support for the initiative, whether you are an individual or a business. You can contribute to the success of a promotion in which many retailers offer discounts for women purchasing business attire on a given day.


Women assume numerous responsibilities at home, including the care of children, the sick, and the elderly, as well as lengthy hours of unpaid housework.

Women are grossly underrepresented in corporate organisations’ top positions, which are dominated by males.

According to research, women are less likely to leave a job than males, particularly if they have earned promotions.

According to the World Bank, more than a hundred countries restrict women’s employment in terms of the types of professions they can perform and the working conditions.

Those who are unfamiliar with a woman’s portfolio are more likely to confuse her for an entry-level employee upon first meeting.


Year Date Day
2023 March 13 Monday
2024 March 13 Wednesday
2025 March 13 Thursday
2026 March 13 Friday
2027 March 13 Saturday