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National Serpent Day 2024: Date, History, Facts and Significance

National Serpent Day honors snakes, revered for their venom and association with medicine. Origins and history are unknown, but it aims to challenge stereotypes and encourage awareness.

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National Serpent Day 2024: Every year on February 1st, we mark National Serpent Day. This custom dates back at least five years, and its goal is to help people get over their phobia of snakes by expanding their knowledge of them.

National Serpent Day History

Every year, people celebrate National Serpent Day to honor snakes. Humans have been aware of them for ages, and they have undergone much more evolution over time.

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Since ancient times, snakes have been revered due to their venom and are associated with medicine, good, evil, and fertility. According to legend, the venom has therapeutic qualities that can be used to make medications for hypertension, painkillers, heart disease, strokes, and possibly even cancer.

Although the exact origins and history of National Serpent Day are unknown, it has been observed for at least five years to empower people to overcome their fear of snakes and develop a broader awareness of them.

The narrative of Adam and Eve and the significance of snakes in biblical literature provide historical evidence for the notion that snakes are “evil” in the modern sense. That is why God forbade Eve, being crafty, from eating from a forbidden tree. According to Christianity, Eve’s decision to follow the snake’s advice rather than God’s is thought to have marked the beginning of the evil things that occur today. The purpose of National Serpent Day is to refute the unfavorable stereotypes of snakes and encourage people to consider and face their concerns of them. Animal experts know that most snakes are timid and reticent. Nobody will assault someone unopposed.

According to studies, snakes will even coil up and rattle to let people know they want to be left alone. They would only strike as a last resort should they sense that they are cornered or trapped.

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How to celebrate National Serpent Day

Go to a zoo in the area

On National Serpent Day, spend the day visiting a local zoo learning about the various snake species and their unique traits. Assimilate to the extent of comprehending their response to an encroachment by humans. To find out who fears snakes more, you could even bring friends along and together you can overcome your herpetophobia!

Find out more about them

Use National Serpent Day as an opportunity to learn more about local snakes. Learn which ones are lethal and how to identify them. You might also delve into contemporary literature to observe the function they play, such as Nagini in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series or Kaa in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” You could also read about historical tales of their use in medicine.

Commemorate on social media

Posting selfies of you and your snake buddy on social media to encourage others to overcome their fear of snakes is the best way to celebrate National Snake Lovers Day. To monitor conversation, use #SerpentDay or #NationalSerpentDay.

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Five Things About Snakes You Should Know

  • Because of the belief that snake venom has therapeutic qualities and the fact that studies have shown it can be utilized to make medications for hypertension, painkillers, and possibly even cancer treatments, snakes have been revered since ancient times.
  • Researchers from all over the world have identified roughly 3,000 different species of snakes.
  • Because their upper and lower jaws are distinct, snakes are renowned for their capacity to swallow whole prey—prey up to three times larger than the width of their heads.
  • Only one of the eight known species of snakes is venomous, according to specialists.
  • While some snakes give birth to live children, eggs are the most common type.

The Purpose Of National Serpent Day

It inspires us to get over our phobia of snakes.

The goal of National Serpent Day is to assist us in overcoming our fear of snakes. It is a day set aside specifically to assist us in developing a friendly relationship with the ancient animal.

It enables us to value their presence.

Snakes have long been recognized for their therapeutic benefits to people and are symbols of strength, good, evil, and fertility. On National Serpent Day, we celebrate these reasons for their earthly existence.

It advances our knowledge about snakes.

National Serpent Day is observed to raise awareness of snakes in the hopes that it will help us overcome our fears. Everyone is urged to take their time today to learn about local snakes and conduct research on them.


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