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National Sportsmanship Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

National Sportsmanship Day is observed annually on the first Tuesday of March. Since 1991, this day has been celebrated. National Sportsmanship Day was established by the International Sports Institute to promote good sportsmanship throughout the nation and to establish high standards for future generations of athletes. The purpose of this day is to emphasise the significance of sportsmanship. It encourages fair play, good etiquette, and excellent character. This day is intended to remind athletes and sports fans alike that skill is not the only essential characteristic of an athlete; sportsmanship is also crucial.

The background of National Sportsmanship Day

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “sportsmanship” originated in the 1700s among upper-class Englishmen who participated in country sports such as hunting and fishing. This is one of the most widely used words in current usage.

During the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, the Nazi party’s racism reached an all-time high. Despite this, Luz Long, a German competitor in the long jump event, assisted Jesse Owens, an African-American competitor, in improving his form. Owens represented the United States and was of African descent. Long observed Owens labouring due to his form and gave him excellent advice, despite the prejudice against people of colour in Germany at the time. This act of chivalry helped Owens win the event’s gold medal.

In 1956, at the Australian National Championships, Australian runner John Landy demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship by assisting his 19-year-old opponent Ron Clarke, who had tripped and collapsed. Landy, who was trailing Clarke, halted running and assisted his opponent in regaining his balance. Landy resumed sprinting after this and was able to win the race. To commemorate this demonstration of sportsmanship, a statue was erected.

Andy Roddick displayed exceptional chivalry in his 2005 Rome Masters match against Fernando Verdasco. Roddick was incorrectly declared the victor of the match when both he and Verdasco were still at match point. Roddick called attention to this error and indicated that the shot did not register. Verdasco ultimately won the encounter.

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Sportsmanship entails performing honestly and without cheating.

Talking about your opponent behind their back reveals a lack of self-confidence and is a sign of poor decorum.

It is essential to perform in a manner that maximises the strengths of the entire team.

In addition to being a good friend to your teammates and attending to their concerns, demonstrating good sportsmanship involves being a good friend to your teammates.

A sign of a good sportsman is that he or she accepts responsibility for his or her own errors rather than attempting to place blame on other participants.


Year Date Day
2022 March 1 Tuesday
2023 March 7 Tuesday
2024 March 5 Tuesday
2025 March 4 Tuesday
2026 March 3 Tuesday