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National Take a Poet to Lunch Day 2024: Date, history and Five fascinating facts about poetry

Who doesn't enjoy a classic lunch date? nationwide We have a clever and entertaining excuse to do so thanks to Take a Poet to Lunch Day.

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National Take a Poet to Lunch Day: January 6th is National Take a Poet to Lunch Day, and it’s the ideal opportunity to support and show your gratitude for poets you know. Treat them to a wonderful supper at your expense. Poetry is a creative, rhythmic literary genre that dates back to before the time of Christ. It has served as the basis for many modern items that we appreciate today.

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Take a Poet to Lunch Day is a day to celebrate poetry appreciation by having lunch with a poet you know. Since we can’t chronicle this day’s history with accuracy, we will instead provide you with a synopsis of the art form’s history.

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Some of the earliest poems ever composed were epics. These are long narrative poems that explore the remarkable deeds of people in an era past our living memory. They shaped the world of mortals and typically involved gods or other supernatural entities. This made it possible for their descendants to comprehend who they were as a people or a country.

Poetry may have existed before people could read, according to some academics, as “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” the oldest extant epic poem, dates as far back as 3000 B.C. On clay tablets, it was first inscribed in cuneiform script. In 2000 B.C., a millennium later, the first love poem, “Istanbul,” was inscribed on a tablet.

Some poetry genres originated from folk songs directly; for example, the earliest poems in “The Shijing,” the oldest collection of Chinese poetry, were originally lyrics. The scholar Confucius put together what is considered to be one of the recognized Confucian classics.

Poetics, the study of poetry’s aesthetics, emerged from the difficulty ancient thinkers had in identifying what made poetry unique as a genre and what set good poetry apart from bad. Three types of poetry were discussed in Aristotle’s “Poetics”: epic, comedic, and tragic. It created guidelines to identify the best poetry within each category. Dramatic, lyric, and epic poetry are the three main categories of poetry that aestheticians later recognized. Dramatic poetry evolved into subgenres of comedy and tragedy.

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Global Add A Poet To The Lunch Day Programs

Bring a poet to lunch.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the day is to honor poets by treating them to lunch. Now is the ideal moment to arrange a lunch with your fellow poets or to spoil any poet you know with a delicious dinner. This day still applies to you if you write poetry yourself! Organize a nice get-together with fellow poet friends or treat yourself to lunch.

Go through some poetry.

Reading poetry is the ultimate way to enjoy it. Set aside some time to go over and read any poetry that piques your attention.

Take in a reading of poetry

Not much of a reader? Put it out of your mind. There are other ways to appreciate poetry than reading it aloud, like going to an open mic night or poetry reading. Poets and authors gather for this wonderful event, which is a reading of some of their best poems. Who knows, you might meet someone to go on that lunch date with if you sit in on one and provide them some encouragement.

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Five fascinating facts about poetry:

Poetry readings are held.

Flyting is a kind of literary slanging match in which two poets trade insulting lyric streams back and forth.

Some individuals are afraid of it.

Poetry-related anxiety is known as metrophobia.

Three bestsellers are available.

Lao-Tzu, Khalil Gibran, and Shakespeare are the three poets who sold the most copies worldwide.

Juliet’s initial age was fifteen.

Shakespeare decided to make Juliet 13 in his play, even though she is 15 in the original Romeo and Juliet poem.

The notion of “Marmion”

Riding his horse gave Sir Walter Scott many of the inspirations for his best-selling epic poem “Marmion.”

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Our love for this day

Poetry is a kind of art.

One of the purest and most traditional kinds of art is poetry. It served as the foundation for both contemporary music and the majority of modern creative literature. Poetry is one kind of art that needs to be honored.

Poetry is a form of expression.

Poets utilize poetry to communicate emotions and ideas that they might not otherwise be able to. Both the poets and us, the listeners, depend on this artistic expression.

It’s a valid excuse to grab lunch together.

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic lunch date? nationwide We have a clever and entertaining excuse to do so thanks to Take a Poet to Lunch Day.


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