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National Smith Day 2024: Date, history and 5 Facts About Captain John Smith

You are welcome to join in on the fun, even if you are not a Smith. Given the name's prevalence, chances are you know someone who is a Smith.

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National Smith Day 2024: Unbelievably, January 6th is National Smith Day. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a day to honor blacksmiths, but rather those with the last name “Smith” or one that contains it. One of the most well-known names in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand is Smith. In 1994, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith established the day.

National Smith Day History

Although the name Smith was first used in England and Ireland, it has spread throughout the world. There are currently about three million Americans who share the surname Smith.

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In actuality, the name Smith signifies a smith, whether a blacksmith, locksmith, or goldsmith. Smith was a surname derived from the occupation and was in use as early as the Anglo-Saxon period. In 975, Ecceard Smith from County Durham was noted. Many years later, Smiths who had nothing to do with the profession either took on the surname or were given it.

Due to its high popularity, people in English-speaking nations frequently took on the surname Smith to conceal their true identities. Native Americans adopted the name during the colonization of North America to communicate with the newcomers. Many German Americans anglicized the surname “Schmidt” or “Schmitz” to Smith during the World Wars to escape discrimination. Many slaves were known by the surnames of their owners or took those surnames upon liberation.

All of these contributed to the name’s widespread popularity, and in 1994, one Smith decided to make it a day! Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith established this day as a way to honor those who go by the name Smith. She selected the specific day because it holds significant historical value for the Smith family.

Although the actual date of Captain John Smith’s birth is unknown, the date of his baptism in 1580 is frequently utilized. He was one of the first Smiths to arrive in America, having led the colony immigrants in Jamestown in 1607. Jedediah Strong Smith, who is thought to have been the first American to arrive in California on land, was born on this day as well.

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National Activities For Smith Day

Do as you please.

Does your last name include Smith? If so, today is meant for you! On a day all your own, do whatever brings you joy and what you find enjoyable.

Study up on well-known Smiths

Read about famous Smiths in history to find out why everyone is so fussed about them. We’ve given you a good start, but there are still a ton of well-known Smiths in history who have accomplished incredible feats. Today, read about them.

Act kindly toward Smith.

You are welcome to join in on the fun, even if you are not a Smith. Given the name’s prevalence, chances are you know someone who is a Smith. Give them something kind today. Make a call, extend an invitation, or take them to lunch. Make sure a Smith feels special today because of you, whatever you do.

5 Facts You May Not Know About Captain John Smith

A celebrity from a Disney film

One of the main characters in the Disney animated picture “Pocahontas” was inspired on John Smith.

He was a true Pocahontas fan.

When Pocahontas visited London in 1616, she ran into Smith there.

The French pirates took him prisoner.

While mapping the Massachusetts coast, French pirates captured him, but he was able to escape and get back to England.

Historians believe his account of Pocahontas is untrue.

Due to the lack of written documentation and the fact that Smith was the sole English eyewitness, many historians doubt the veracity of his narrative of Pocahontas’ rescue.

His last attempt at colonization was unsuccessful.

He attempted one last colonization expedition in 1617 but never set sail because of a lack of wind that prevented his vessels from leaving port for three months.

Why Is National Smith Day so important?

A Smith exists for every individual.

Because the Smith name is so well-known, practically everyone has heard of or is connected to a Smith. It follows that there is a Smith for everyone, and their presence is greatly appreciated.

They have a significant role in American history.

Some states in America may not have been established if individuals such as Captain John Smith and Jedediah Strong Smith had not lived. They therefore play a significant role in both English and American history.

We can all emulate the Smith family.

The day’s creation inspires confidence. Though her history may not be as significant as that of the people the day honors, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is the one who created National Smith Day. This demonstrates that we may all establish days that are named after our names or interests if we have sufficient reliable information and significance.d.


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