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National Wear Your Pearls Day

On December 15th, National Wear Your Pearls Day is celebrated annually. This holiday was created to encourage people to wear their pearls with pride. Whether you have a string of pearls or a pearl necklace, this is the day to show them off! If you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate National Wear Your Pearls Day, we’ve got you covered. From stylish outfit inspiration to fun activities, read on for everything you need to make the most of this special day.

History of National Wear Your Pearls Day

National Pearls Day was officially recognised for the first time in 2015. DeAnna Bookert, the founder of the holiday, began her career in corporate offices and could have remained there to continue her success, but she found something more meaningful: sharing her love of Jesus Christ and of her fellow man through motivational speaking and writing. That occurred in 2008.

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How to Celebrate National Wear Your Pearls Day

Assuming you would like tips for celebrating National Wear Your Pearls Day:

One way to celebrate National Wear Your Pearls day is by of course, wearing pearls! If you have a strand of pearls, wear them out and about to show them off. Another way to celebrate is by giving someone special in your life a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace. You could also host a small get together with some close friends where everyone wears their pearls. Make some light refreshments and have some fun!

Pearl Jewelry

In honor of National Wear Your Pearls Day, we wanted to put together a little guide on how to style pearl jewelry. Whether you’re a pearls girl or not, we hope you’ll be inspired to give them a try!

The first thing to keep in mind when styling pearl jewelry is that less is more. A few well-chosen pieces will make a much bigger impact than a bunch of small, dainty items. And don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of pearls – they can look really beautiful together.

If you’re not used to wearing pearls, start with something simple like a pair of stud earrings or a pendant necklace. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to more statement pieces like chokers and layered necklaces.

For an elegant look, pair your pearls with other classic jewelry like gold or diamond rings and bracelets. If you want something more fun and trendy, mix them with colorful beads or baubles. And if you’re feeling really bold, try pairing them with leather or denim for an edgy look.

However you choose to style your pearls, just make sure you have fun with it!

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We hope you enjoyed learning about National Wear Your Pearls Day and that you will take part in the celebration next year. Whether you wear real pearls or costume jewelry, remember to celebrate the day by donning your best pearl accessories. And don’t forget to share photos of your outfit on social media using the hashtag #WearYourPearlsDay. We can’t wait to see how you choose to style your pearls next year!

National Wear Your Pearls Day Dates:

2022December 15Thursday
2023December 15Friday
2024December 15Sunday
2025December 15Monday
2026December 15Tuesday