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Plurinational State Foundation Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Bolivia

Plurinational State Foundation Day 2023: On the Plurinational State Foundation Day, Bolivians commemorate their multicultural identity. This national holiday, known as “Dia del Estado Plurinacional” in Spanish, commemorates the nation’s new name and the adoption of its new constitution. Recognizing Bolivia’s indigenous population and granting them greater representation in the country’s political and social spheres, the government made this re-foundation move.


Bolivia has been a multicultural nation for centuries, and its indigenous people have been marginalised and underrepresented for the same length of time. This circumstance did not change until the dawn of the twentieth century. In Bolivia, political and social movements demanding better representation for marginalised communities have grown. In 1991 and 1993, reforms were passed to increase indigenous people’s rights in Bolivia. However, these reforms were only temporary as the government simultaneously passed anti-indigenous and environmentally destructive regulations.

The country then elected its first indigenous president in 2006. Evo Morales, the son of a low-income indigenous Aymara family, began his political career as the head of the coca growers’ trade union. In 2005, he ran for president and won, becoming the first indigenous individual to hold the office. Four years later, he proposed amending the Bolivian constitution to recognise the multiethnic and multicultural identities of so many of its citizens. Despite opposition from other political parties, Bolivia eventually became a plurinational state, as stipulated in the Constitution during Morales’ second term as president in 2010. On the same day that the Constitution was ratified, January 22, Morales also signed a decree designating January 22 as the Day of the Foundation of the Plurinational State. Thus, Bolivians received a new national holiday commemorating their new identity.

Despite the fact that President Morales is no longer in office, the Plurinational State Foundation Day and all that it represents are connected to Bolivian culture and the Bolivian Constitution. Despite hiccups in the implementation of a framework for indigenous peoples, the incorporation of every ethnicity and culture into the mainstream has strengthened Bolivia’s identity as a culturally diverse and powerful nation.

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  • Bolivia became the first plurinational state in South America with its 2009 declaration.
  • Bolivia has the highest percentage of indigenous people in South America, at sixty percent of the total population.
  • The Bolivian constitution officially recognises thirty-six indigenous peoples.
  • Bolivia recognises Spanish and 36 indigenous languages as official under its 2009 constitution.
  • Since 2009, the country has had two official flags: the red-and-green tricolour flag and the rainbow-squared flag used by the Andean peoples.


Year Date Day
2023 January 22 Sunday
2024 January 22 Monday
2025 January 22 Wednesday
2026 January 22 Thursday
2027 January 22 Friday