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Rural Life Sunday 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

In most regions, Rural Life Sunday is observed on the third Sunday of May, but the date varies by region. The United Methodist Church classifies the holiday, which falls on May 21 this year, as a Special Sunday; it is one of four holidays observed annually. It acknowledges that this church was constructed by hardworking farmers and that God’s grace made their livelihood and existence possible. Frequently, a harvest festival is held in conjunction with Rural Life Sunday, creating an enjoyable day that honours its history!

The background of Rural Life Sunday

Rural Life Sunday is determined by the Methodist Church General Conference, an annual gathering of church leaders who deliberate how and when such occasions (along with Special Sundays) should be observed.

Rural Life Sunday is observed by the United Methodist Church as a tribute to its origins in rural America, before the holiday became a global movement.

The beginnings of the Methodist Church were small congregations within the Anglican Church. They were distinguished by the ministers who were designated with delivering sermons. In the 18th century, John Wesley was the first well-known minister to travel throughout the American countryside. His intention was to assist the members of his community in any way possible. Even though the towns he visited at the time lacked grand cathedrals or even genuine churches, he was not deterred. Wesley instead preached in stables, farmhouses, and even open fields. Wesley and his fellow ministers did not care where they preached as long as they had an audience.

In these humble farmhouses and expansive fields, the United Methodist Church was established. As a result of its separation from Protestantism, it was categorised as a distinct subset of Christianity.

Rural Life Sunday is a fitting tribute to rural community leaders and ministers who have shown concern for God’s creation by praying for his bounty on the earth and demonstrating their faith in Divine Providence.

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Attend church

A significant aspect of the holiday is celebrating Rural Life Sunday with your congregation. After all, neither of you would be there without the other!

Enjoy the results of your hard work.

Taking the time to appreciate what your community and local farmers produce is a wonderful way to celebrate. Visit farmers markets and establishments that sell local goods.

Teach your young

If you have children, now is the ideal opportunity to educate them on the significance of Methodism’s history. Inform them that Rural Life Sunday is a day to commemorate the religion’s humble beginnings.


The United Methodist Church has 12,719,550 adherents worldwide, of which 6,487,300 reside in the United States.

Wesley coined the phrase “agree to disagree” in one of his writings in which he described a passionate disagreement with another pastor.

The term “Methodist” was originally used to ridicule how the original practitioners expressed their faith, but they accepted it in stride and viewed it as a compliment.

Wesley maintained his Anglican faith until his death.

Despite rumours of Methodism’s decline in Western nations, the religion has taken root in Korea and its congregation currently numbers 1.5 million.


Year Date Day
2022 May 15 Sunday
2023 May 21 Sunday
2024 May 19 Sunday
2025 May 18 Sunday
2026 May 17 Sunday