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National Resolution Planning Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day 2023: New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition that many people set for themselves. It’s a way to start the year off with goals and intentions that will help guide you through the upcoming year. But it can be hard to stay on track with them, especially when life gets hectic. Enter Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day, an annual celebration of goal setting and intention-setting that takes place on January 12th each year in the United States. This holiday is a great opportunity to take some time out of your day and reflect on what goals you want to achieve this year. In this blog post, we’ll look at how Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day can help you stay on track with your resolutions.

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day: History

Typically, making or breaking resolutions becomes a running joke in our lives. Such that nobody now takes them seriously. You may be surprised to learn, however, that year-end resolutions predate even the world’s earliest civilizations.

The Babylonians celebrated the New Year with a 12-day festival called ‘Akitu’ around 2000 B.C. The celebration coincided with the beginning of the agricultural season. In addition, individuals pledged to repay their debts. The timely return of borrowed farm equipment was a New Year’s resolution that was adhered to by all parties. The ancient Romans adopted the Babylonian New Year and its resolution-making practise. Eventually, the Julian calendar shifted the timing, and January 1 became the beginning of the new year.

The beginning of January is an ideal time for most cultures to reflect. It signifies the end of the harvest season. It is also when the holiday celebrations end. What better time to rest than after a busy summer, taking comfort in the warmth of family and friendship.

Prior to the Protestant influence, New Year’s resolutions in the United States were more religious. People desired a stronger work ethic, moral character, and self-control, in accordance with the teachings of the church.

The resolutions of today reflect a different approach to self-improvement. People are resolving to stay fit or engage in more activities they enjoy. Although these resolutions appear self-indulgent, they differ little from historical precedent. Self-improvement is the foundation of every resolution. Everyone desires a fresh start, from ancient Babylonians to disillusioned Generation Z.

On Stick to your New Year’s Resolution Day, remember that we’re in it together. So, keep at it! Isn’t it amazing how people everywhere unknowingly adhere to an age-old custom?

What is a New Year’s Resolution?

A New Year’s Resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to do something that will improve your life or habits. It is usually something that you have been meaning to do for a long time, but have not had the motivation to do. Making a New Year’s Resolution is a way of committing to changing your behavior for the better.

There are many different types of New Year’s Resolutions. Some people resolve to quit smoking, others to eat healthier or exercise more. Some people want to save money, others want to spend more time with family and friends. Whatever your resolution may be, it is important to remember that it is up to you to stick to it!

Making a New Year’s Resolution is only the first step; the real challenge lies in keeping it. Research shows that most people give up on their resolutions after just a few weeks. This does not mean that you should not bother making one – if anything, it should motivate you to try even harder! There are many ways to increase your chances of success, such as setting realistic goals, telling your friends and family about your resolution, and keeping track of your progress.

No matter what your New Year’s Resolution is, we wish you the best of luck in achieving it!

Why do People Make New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! But why do people make New Year’s resolutions?

There are a few reasons why people make New Year’s resolutions. For one, it’s a fresh start. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start new habits or break old ones. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the future.

Another reason why people make New Year’s resolutions is because it’s motivating. Having a specific goal to focus on can help you stay on track and motivated throughout the year.

Finally, making a New Year’s resolution is a way of holding yourself accountable. Telling others about your resolutions can help you stay committed to them. And if you write them down, you’re more likely to stick to them.

So if you’re looking for a fresh start, motivation, or accountability, making a New Year’s resolution may be right for you!

What are the Most Common New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s that time of year again! New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set yourself up for success in the coming year. But what are the most common New Year’s resolutions?

According to a recent survey, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are:

1. Lose weight

2. Get in shape

3. Eat healthier

4. Quit smoking

5. Save money

6. Spend more time with family and friends

7. Travel more

8. Learn a new skill or hobby

9. Get a better job

10. Be more organized

If you’re looking to make a change in your life this year, these are some great goals to strive for!

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set resolutions and commit to making positive changes in your life. However, it can be difficult to stick to your goals, especially if they are ambitious. Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

1. Write down your resolution and keep it somewhere you will see it often. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your goal.

2. Share your resolution with friends or family members so they can support you.

3. Break down your goal into smaller, more manageable steps. This will make it seem less daunting and more achievable.

4. Set realistic expectations for yourself and don’t get discouraged if you slip up along the way. Remember that change takes time and perseverance.

5. Find an accountability partner who can help you stay on track. Having someone to check in with can be a great motivator.

6. Reward yourself for making progress towards your goal. This will help keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going even when things get tough.

National Resolution Planning Day 2022: Date, History and Importance

National Resolution Planning Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes


January 12, 2023 is a special day to remember the importance of sticking to our New Year’s resolutions. Taking time out of our hectic schedules to focus on ourselves and make positive changes in our lives can be daunting but ultimately rewarding if we stay committed. Making realistic goals and breaking them down into smaller achievable tasks are great ways to keep going even when things get tough. We hope that this national holiday will inspire us all to stick with it until we reach our desired outcomes.


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