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Unification Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Romania

Unification Day Romania: The most significant event in Romania’s history is commemorated on January 24 as Unification Day. This day represents the first crucial step in the formation of the Romanian nation as we know it today. On this day in 1859, Moldavia and Wallachia united to establish the “Union of the Romanian Principalities” or the “Little Union.” This finally led to the Great Union, which established Romania as a nation.


The magnificent nation of Romania has a rich history, a portion of which we shall discuss today. This nation was formally established in 1866, following the amalgamation of various principalities and states, and extended further in 1918. The modern nation of Romania was founded through two main unifications: the “Little Union” and the “Great Union.”

Prior to these events, Moldavia and Wallachia belonged to Europe as Danubian Principalities from the 1300s. Russia and Habsburg were engaged in power struggles during the period, which eventually led to the Russo-Turkish War, the Crimean War, and the Treaty of Paris. Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected ruler of both Moldavia and Wallachia on January 24, 1859; this led to their forced merger and the formation of the Union of the Romanian Principalities, which became known as “The Romanian United Principalities” in 1862.

This event, known as the “Little Union,” is so significant because it is regarded as the initial step toward the establishment of a unified Romanian state. The nation was called Romania in 1866, and it became the Kingdom of Romania in 1881. The Great Union, which occurred on December 1, 1918, signified the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina with the Kingdom of Romania. However, this holiday was not established until after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. The Romanian Unification Day became a national holiday in 2015 and has been observed annually since then.

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  • The Romanian people are credited with the invention of coffee, insulin, the contemporary jet engine, the fountain pen, and a great deal more.
  • The 4G network speed in Romania is the fourth-fastest in the world.
  • The Transfagarasan Highway in Romania is regarded as the most beautiful road in the world.
  • Bucharest is home to one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores, Cărturești Carusel.
  • The banks of the Danube are adorned by a stone statue of the old Dacian monarch.


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2023 January 24 Tuesday
2024 January 24 Wednesday
2025 January 24 Friday
2026 January 24 Saturday
2027 January 24 Sunday