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What You Think Upon Grows Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Annually observed on May 31, What You Think Upon Grows Day focuses exclusively on mental health. As obscure as this holiday may appear, it is one of the most uplifting holidays and leaves us feeling better than before. This day was established on this date in honour of one of the pioneers of modern positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale, although there is no record of who originated it. He was a clergyman, an author, and the superintendent of New York’s Marble Collegiate Church. He was also one of the numerous individuals who embraced and popularised the concept of positive thinking.

The background of What You Think Upon Grows Day

Today is all about the effectiveness of optimistic thinking! Before you prejudge this holiday or shrug your eyes because of all the motivational content you’ve read about it, allow us to provide you with a new perspective by exploring its meaning.

They say that everything begins in the mind, but where did it begin? Positive thinking or the positive mental attitude is said to have originated as a concept in the 1930s, despite its incorporation into numerous practises, ideologies, religions, and worldviews. It originated with the self-help author Oliver Napoleon Hill and his book “Think and Grow Rich.” In this book, Hill discusses positive thinking as a prerequisite for success, but he never explicitly uses the term. He saved that for his subsequent book, “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,” co-authored with W. Clement Stone.

Positive thinking is the philosophy that promotes an optimistic outlook and asserts that it is the key to attracting positive events and changes into our lives. It involves placing importance on the minor pleasures of life, dwelling on them, and being content with them.

In his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Norman Vincent Peale elaborates at length on his role as a pioneer of positive mental attitude. He was an author, public speaker, and pastor at New York’s Marble Collegiate Church. What You Think Upon Grows Day was created to encourage people to embrace the power of positive thinking and implement it in order to live happier, more fulfilled lives. It was established on Peale’s birthday to honour his legacy and accomplishments.

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Find out more about the day.

Numerous mental advantages have been identified, confirmed, and linked to the concept of positive thinking. Today, we were only able to scratch the surface of this topic, but there is still a vast amount to learn. Take the time to investigate any additional thoughts, concerns, or queries you may have regarding a positive mental attitude.

Document positive affirmations

As you may have heard or discovered for yourself, writing things down can aid in memory retention. Write down a few positive thoughts, declarations, affirmations, or whatever you prefer to call them to begin the process of writing more optimistic chapters in your life. It does not end there, however. It is also suggested that we repeat these phrases to ourselves as often as possible.

Have a mirror pep lecture

This point is an excellent continuation of our previous one. Especially on days when you don’t feel your best, a decent pep talk can be very beneficial. Who says we must wait for someone to lift us up when we can accomplish the task on our own? Indeed, prop up your mirror and repeat a few encouraging phrases to help you get through the day.


Positive thinking can create neural pathways in the brain, according to scientific research.

Not only will writing about more positive things improve your disposition, but it can also improve your overall health.

A study conducted on Catholic sisters demonstrated that those with a positive outlook tend to live longer.

Maintaining a positive outlook reduces levels of stress and anxiety, resulting in improved cardiovascular health.

Positivity is a skill that requires time and effort to master, and we are responsible for developing it.


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