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World Speech Day 2023: Date, History, Benefits of public speaking

World Speech Day is a commemoration of language and its influence. A speech can mend a wounded heart, unite a community, and repair unanticipated bridges.

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World expression Day is an annual celebration of free expression that is observed on March 15. Simon Gibson established the day in 2015 at the Athens Democracy Forum on his own initiative. People from all walks of life are encouraged to express their opinions in front of an audience at public speaking events that are conducted in over 100 countries. Annually, the threat to free speech, a fundamental democratic principle, grows. With World Speech Day, Gibson hopes to bring the unanticipated voices of opposition to the forefront.

The background of World Speech Day

World Speech Day is a commemoration of language and its influence. A speech can mend a wounded heart, unite a community, and repair unanticipated bridges. The purpose of World Speech Day is to recognize speeches as the earliest form of mass communication. Simon Gibson, the founder of World Speech Day and the non-profit organization of the same name, recognizes that although not everyone possesses the talent of public speaking, we all have significant contributions to make to society.

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A stage can be a daunting environment for expressing one’s opinions, but this should not be a barrier to communication. The power of speech can transform a thought, an idea, or a fantasy into a revolution. On March 15, individuals are given the opportunity to express their opinions. The organization also provides participants with self-development tools and training manuals.

“Speeches transform the world,” says World Speech Day’s 2015 founder, Simon Gibson. The day is devoted to reaching out to voices in unexpected places. From middle school classrooms to community halls, universities, think tanks, multinational corporations, and democracy forums, millions of people have been inspired by the observation to abandon their dread and embrace the power of their voice.

In over 100 countries, people gather to share ideas, promote culture, and develop global citizenship through public speaking events.
The past themes for World Speech Day include “Humanity at a Crossroads,” “Using the simple power of speech to share ideas,” and “Thoughts for a Better World.”

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Through public speaking, you give your thoughts a voice and a platform and make yourself accessible to the public.

The process of preparing for public presentations can greatly improve one’s research skills.

It is impossible to establish yourself as an authority in your profession without promoting your skills.

By engaging in public speaking, you can enhance your writing and refining abilities.

Public speakers exude a confidence that can only be attained by speaking in front of an audience.


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