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World Suicide Prevention Day 2022: Date, Causes and Prevention

Suicide is a preventable disease that claims the lives of more than 800,000 people every year. On World Suicide Prevention Day, we take a moment to remember those who have lost their life to suicide and to pledge to work together to reduce the prevalence of suicide.

What is World Suicide Prevention Day?

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated every September to raise awareness about the global problem of suicide. This day was first observed in 1994 and is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).

suicide is the tenth leading cause of death worldwide, with over 1 million people dying from suicide each year. Suicide is a serious problem that needs to be addressed worldwide. In 2017, suicide was the second leading cause of death in the United States, claiming over 45,000 lives. Worldwide, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death, despite making up only 2% of deaths.

World Suicide Prevention Day aims to create a mental health environment where everyone can talk about suicide without stigma. It also encourages people to get help if they are feeling suicidal or have thoughts about harming themselves.

What are the Causes of Suicide?

Suicide is a problem that affects everyone in some way. It’s not just a mental health issue, it’s an social problem.

There are many different causes of suicide, but they all have a common element: someone feels like they can’t bear the pain any longer. There are many different ways that people can feel pain, and suicide can be triggered by any kind of pain or stress.

Some of the most common causes of suicide are: mental health problems, relationship problems, financial problems, substance abuse, and physical health problems. It’s important to remember that anyone can experience suicidal thoughts or feelings at any time. If you think someone might be suicidal, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

How Can We Prevent Suicide?

On World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th, we want to remind everyone that suicide is preventable. Here are five ways to help:

1. Talk about suicide. Letting others know how they can help prevent suicide is one of the most important things you can do. Talking openly and honestly about suicide prevention can help to break the taboo surrounding the topic and encourage others to get involved.

2. Seek professional help. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, seeking professional help is a crucial step in preventing suicide. Licensed professionals can provide you with the support and resources you need to overcome your problems and stay safe.

3. Get connected to resources. There are many helpful resources available online and in your community. Look for information on suicide prevention, mental health resources, and hotlines that offer crisis counseling.

4. Seek out social support. Having a supportive network of friends and family can make a big difference when it comes to preventing suicide. Make sure to tell those close to you how you’re feeling, and ask for their help if you need it.

5. Stand up against stigma and discrimination. Suicide is not a reflection on anyone – it’s an individual decision that should be treated as

What Can We Do If Someone We Know Is Suicidal?

1. If you or someone you know is suicidal, the best thing to do is to talk to them about it. It can be difficult to say something that may make a person feel like they are crazy, but talking about how they’re feeling can be extremely helpful.
2. There are many resources available to those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Local hospitals and crisis centers have therapists and counselors who can provide help and support. Online communities such as Suicide Prevention Lifeline also offer support and resources.
3. It’s important to remember that suicide is not the only way out. If someone is considering suicide, there are many other options available to them, including seeking professional help or speaking with a loved one about their feelings.

What If You Are Concerned About Somebody’s Suicidal Ideas or Behaviour?

If you are concerned about somebody’s suicidal ideas or behaviour, the best thing to do is to talk to them. This can help to reduce the chance of them taking any action that could lead to suicide.

If you are worried that somebody is considering suicide, the best thing to do is talk to them. Suicide is a serious issue and it can be difficult to deal with. However, talking about it can help to reduce the risk of somebody taking any action that could lead to suicide.

If you are worried that somebody might commit suicide, the best thing to do is get them help. There are many resources available to people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts or behaviour. You can find information about these resources on our website or by contacting one of our crisis centres.

What If You Are a Survivor of Suicide?

If you are a survivor of suicide, there are many things that you can do to help prevent someone else from suicide. Here are some tips:

1. Talk about your experience. Sharing your story can help make other people more aware of the warning signs of suicide and how to respond if they see them.

2. Get involved in suicide prevention efforts. There are many organizations that work to prevent suicide, and getting involved can help raise awareness and support needed to achieve success.

3. Seek professional help. If you have experienced suicidal thoughts, talking with a professional can help you get treatment and learn more about your feelings.


On World Suicide Prevention day, September 10th, we must all work to create a world where suicide is not an option. We must remember that every life is worth saving and that every person has the potential to be amazing. If you are feeling suicidal or know someone who is, please reach out for help. There are people who want to help you and can do so without judgment.

If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, please call 911.