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Ajmer Jain Temple

Ajmer Jain Temple: Spirituality is practised by only a handful of individuals in this hectic world. Fewer people are praying in temples as time passes. In contrast, Jainism is one of the religions that ranks among the most spiritually significant religions. It teaches the world to follow the path of nonviolence and seeks to minimise injury to plants, animals, and all other forms of life. Thus, one of the most renowned Jain temples is the Ajmer Jain temple.

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism share a number of ideas, including reincarnation, Karma, etc. Their race is thought to be peaceful and spiritual. They believe that visiting the temple will bring them serenity of mind and allow them to express gratitude to God for their accomplishments. They visit the Ajmer Jain Temple more than any other temple. Here are all the information about the temple.

Concerning Ajmer Jain Temple

This late-19th-century Jain temple in Ajmer is commonly known as Sonji Ki Nasiyan. It is regarded as an architectural masterpiece. The temple is also renowned for its Gold Chamber, or ‘Swarn Nagri’. It is widely believed that over one thousand kilogrammes of gold are used to construct a model of Ayodhya. In this room, gold-plated wooden sculptures and figures are stored.

In addition, the site has significant significance for Jainism adherents. Janis from across the globe and the country visit this temple of Lord Rishabanatha. During Mahavir Jayanti at this famous temple in Ajmer, the audience also prays for their well-being.

Location of the Jain Temple in Ajmer

The temple is located in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district. This sacred site is accessible from all major cities. It is precisely located on Prithviraj Marg in Ajmer. According to numerous tourists and seasoned travellers, the famous temple in Ajmer ranked third on the city’s “must-see” list. Before, it was the Jain temple of the districts of Ranakpur and Mount. Abu.

In addition to being a spiritual and sacred site, the temple is also a popular tourist attraction. Visitors from around the world visit the temple. Considering the technology of the time, the monument’s remarkable design and architecture is its primary draw.

Ajmer Jain Temple Timing

Due to the building’s status as a temple, late-night access is prohibited. The best and most convenient time to visit the Ajmer Jain Temple is between 9 and 10 am. Statistics indicate that the average time spent in a building is thirty minutes.

Moreover, according to tourists, the time is sufficient to catch a glimpse of the monument’s majesty. Over fifty percent of visitors who visit Ajmer also visit the Ajmer Jain temple. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the busiest days for tourists to visit the temple.

Therefore, it is advised to visit the location on any other day to avoid the congestion and crowds. When you visit this famous Jain temple in Ajmer, you will gain a fresh perspective on life.

History of the Jain Temple at Ajmer

The Digambar sect of Jains worships within the temple. Rai Bahadur Seth Moolchand and Nemichand Soni established it. According to Jain mythology, it is devoted to Rishabhdev. He was among the twenty-fourth Tirthankara.

On 10 October 1864, the temple’s boundaries were expanded and the process of making it more aesthetically appealing began. The figure of Rishabhdev (Adinath) was finally installed in the Sanctum Sanctorum on May 26, 1865.

In addition, Pandit Ramsukhdasji, a renowned scholar from Jaipur, oversaw the renovation and adornment efforts. Siddhkoot Chaityalaya was the name of the Ajmer Jain Temple during its early days of existence.

The architecture of Jain Temples at Ajmer

The entrance to the temple is adorned with a red sandstone gate that welcomes all visitors. As one advances, a marble staircase adorned with portraits of Tirthankars would be visible. This famous temple in Ajmer contains the world’s tallest Shantinath pillar.

Moving forward, the approximate height of the statue is feet. There is a vast library containing hundreds of Jian scriptures. This structure was constructed by R.B. Seth Sir Bhagchand Soni. These scriptures are the result of extensive investigation by this religion’s scholars.

Additionally, Manastambha is a significant structure that attracts the attention of visitors. This is an 82-foot-tall structure with an exquisite design. But for that, travellers must adhere to the Nasiyan Jain temple’s Ajmer hours.

The ‘Samavasarana’ is the location of Rishabhdev’s image. Locals believed that the deity discovered the true meaning of life and escaped the cycle of life and death here. In 2005, the three Vedis were lauded and the statues of all the gods were reinstalled.

Several rituals were required for the installation of these monuments. Moreover, only Jainism adherents are permitted to participate in these religious ceremonies. This famous Jain temple in Ajmer is a must-visit to receive the Lord’s favours due to its ancient and beautiful architecture.

How do you get from Bhilwara to Ajmer Jain Temple?

Jaipur is located 125 kilometres away from Bhilwara. To get there in a shorter amount of time, one can readily fly. Nonetheless, the 141-kilometre journey from Bhilwara to the Ajmer Jain Temple would take approximately three hours by car.

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How do I get to the Jain Temple in Ajmer from Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is an additional significant city from which many tourists visit the temple. One may travel by train, bus, taxi, or personal vehicle. The cheapest mode of transportation is the train, which takes approximately 4 hours and 38 minutes to reach the destination.

The most expensive option would be a vehicle, which could cost anywhere between INR 7500 and INR 9500 and take three hours to reach the famous Jain temple in Ajmer.

How can one get to the Ajmer Jain Temple from Bikaner?

From Bikaner, one can reach the Ajmer Jain Temple via Bus, Train, transport, or private vehicle. The railway is the least expensive option, costing only INR 576-1,656. While the taxi is the quickest mode of transportation, it is also the most expensive.

The cost of hiring a taxi for the same route is between INR 9,360 and INR 11,520, and it can send you off at your destination while adhering to the timing of the Nasiyan Jain Temple in Ajmer.

FAQs concerning Ajmer Jain Temple

1)What is the most efficient method to get to the Ajmer Jain Temple?

The ideal method of travel to Ajmer depends on the preferences of the tourist. Statistically, however, more than 53 percent of travellers prefer to drive to the Ajmer Jain Temple.

2) Which train terminal and airport is closest to the Ajmer Jain temple?

The airport that is closest to the temple is the Jaipur International Airport. In contrast, the nearest train station is Ajmer Dargah Junction Station.

3) When was the Ajmer Jain Temple built?

Rai Bahadur Seth Moolchand and Nemichand Soni founded the Ajmer Jain Temple towards the end of the 19th century.

4) Which Jain temple in Rajasthan is the best?

Near Dargah Bazar in Ahmed is the Ajmer Jain Temple, also known as “Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan” Every Jainism adherent and bhakt must visit this location.

5) What is Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan’s contact number in Ajmer?

Address: Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan, Agra Gate, Ajmer, India, 305001 Telephone: +91 9999822493