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Ashwin Purnima 2022: Date, Timing, Rituals and Significance of Sharad Purnima

Ashwin Purnima 2022: In Sanskrit, Purnima means the day of the full moon, marking the division in each month between two paksha (and lunar fortnights). On this day, the Moon is aligned in a straight line with the Sun and the Earth, and this is known as Syzygy. There are four phases of the moon namely- the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon and the third quarter moon, wherein, only the full moon shines with 100% illumination causing high with 100% illumination causing high tides and may come along with the lunar eclipses.

Purnima 2022 correct date and Tithi time are given below that assist you plan your fasting in advance. As per Hindu religion, fasting on a full moon day or Purnima can have a number of positive consequences on the physique and mind. Some of the advantages of Purnima Vrat include – balancing the body metabolism, controlling the acid content, improving the patience power, and cleaning the digestive system.

Kumar Purnima 2022: Date, Tithi Time, Rituals, Significance

Purnima happens once every month and on this day the Moon, the Earth and the Sun align on the straight line. This day is devoted to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and devotees offer prayers to them and seek their blessings. As per Hindu mythology, observing a fast on the day of Purnima brings even more blessings to the devotees. Taking a dip in the holy waters of Ganga and Yamuna is also a famous practice of Purnima.

Purnima October 2022 Date: October 09, Sunday.

Purnima 2022 Dates:

Pausa Purnima
January 17th, Monday
Tithi Timing: Jan 17, 3:18 AM – Jan 18, 5:18 AM
Magha Purnima
February 16th, Wednesday
Tithi Timing: Feb 15, 9:43 PM – Feb 16, 10:26 PM
Phalguna Purnima
March 18th, Friday
Tithi Timing: Mar 17, 1:30 PM – Mar 18, 12:47 PM
Chaitra Purnima
April 16th, Saturday
Tithi Timing: Apr 16, 2:25 AM – Apr 17, 12:25 AM
Vaisakha Purnima
May 16th, Monday
Tithi Timing: May 15, 12:46 PM – May 16, 9:44 AM
Jyeshta Purnima
June 14th, Tuesday
Tithi Timing: Jun 13, 9:03 PM – Jun 14, 5:21 PM
Ashadha Purnima
July 13th, Wednesday
Tithi Timing: Jul 13, 4:01 AM – Jul 14, 12:07 AM
Sravana Purnima
August 12th, Friday
Tithi Timing: Aug 11, 10:38 AM – Aug 12, 7:05 AM
Bhadrapada Purnima
September 10th, Saturday
Tithi Timing: Sep 09, 6:08 PM – Sep 10, 3:29 PM
Ashwin Purnima
October 9th, Sunday
Tithi Timing: Oct 09, 3:42 AM – Oct 10, 2:24 AM
Kartika Purnima
November 8th, Tuesday
Tithi Timing: Nov 07, 4:16 PM – Nov 08, 4:32 PM
Agrahayana Purnima
December 8th, Thursday
Tithi Timing: Dec 07, 8:01 AM – Dec 08, 9:38 AM