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Buy Nothing Day 2022: Date, History and How to participate

Buy Nothing Day 2022: What is Buy Nothing Day? It’s a day where people across the globe pledge to not purchase anything – not even a cup of coffee! – in an effort to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of consumerism. While it may seem like a simple concept, the act of “buying nothing” can actually be quite difficult. We are so used to consuming that it can be hard to break the habit. But that’s exactly what Buy Nothing Day is all about – breaking the cycle of consumerism and raising awareness about the problems it causes. So how can you participate in Buy Nothing Day? Here are some ideas…

What is Buy Nothing Day?

Buy Nothing Day is an annual event that takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States. The day is also known as Black Friday, which is the busiest shopping day of the year. On Buy Nothing Day, people are encouraged to avoid spending money and instead to focus on spending time with family and friends, or on giving back to the community.

The idea for Buy Nothing Day started in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada, as a protest against consumerism and over-consumption. The day has since been adopted by countries around the world, and has become an important part of the anti-consumerism movement.

So why spend time on a day like this? For many people, it’s a way to take a stand against a culture that encourages us to buy more than we need or can afford. It’s a chance to step back and consider what we really value in our lives, and how we can make choices that reflect those values.

And it’s not just about avoiding buying things – it’s also about supporting local businesses and sustainable practices. When you buy from big box stores or online retailers, you often have no idea where your products come from or how they were made. But when you buy from local businesses, you can be sure that your money is going back into your community. And when you choose sustainable products, you know that you’re doing your part to protect our planet for future generations.

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Year Date Day
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2023 November 24 Friday
2024 November 29 Friday
2025 November 28 Friday
2026 November 27 Friday
2027 November 26 Friday
2028 November 24 Friday

The History of Buy Nothing Day

In 1992, Canadian artist Ted Dave created the first Buy Nothing Day as a way to protest the rampant consumerism of the holiday season. Dave and a group of friends placed ads in Vancouver newspapers declaring that on November 25th, people should take a day off from shopping to “give peace a chance.”

The idea quickly caught on, and within a few years Buy Nothing Day had become an international phenomenon. People in countries all over the world spend the day doing something other than shopping, whether it’s spending time with family and friends, volunteering, or just enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation.

While Buy Nothing Day is not an official holiday, it is observed by millions of people every year as a way to take a stand against excessive consumerism. For many, it is a day to reflect on what we really need in life, and how we can live more simply and sustainably.

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Why participate in Buy Nothing Day?

There are a number of reasons to participate in Buy Nothing Day. First and foremost, it is a day to raise awareness about the negative impacts of consumerism and over-consumption. It is an opportunity to examine our own consumption habits and consider ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Additionally, it is a chance to support local businesses and economies, rather than large corporations. Finally, it is simply a fun and festive day spent with friends and family!

How to participate in Buy Nothing Day

If you’re interested in participating in Buy Nothing Day, there are a few things you can do to get involved. First, you can spread the word about the event to your friends and family. Encourage them to participate by not spending any money for 24 hours. You can also join or start a local Buy Nothing Day group. These groups are a great way to connect with other people who are committed to not spending money for a day. Finally, you can use social media to raise awareness about Buy Nothing Day. Use the hashtag #BuyNothingDay on all of your posts leading up to and on November 25th.

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What are the benefits of Buy Nothing Day?

There are many benefits to participating in Buy Nothing Day. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it encourages people to save money and live more frugally. Additionally, it raises awareness about over-consumption and the detrimental effects of consumer culture on both the environment and our personal well-being.

When we buy nothing, we send a powerful message to businesses and corporations that we are no longer willing to be mindless consumers. We are demanding change. We are saying that we want sustainable, eco-friendly products and practices. We are showing that we value people over profits.

Additionally, by participating in Buy Nothing Day, we are taking a stand against the relentless pressure to consume that advertising imposes on us. We are choosing to opt out of the rat race of materialism and instead focus on what truly matters in life – our relationships, our health, our happiness.


In a world where consumerism is the norm, it can be refreshing to take part in Buy Nothing Day. This annual event is a great reminder that we don’t need to buy everything that’s available to us. By abstaining from making purchases for just one day, we can help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and save money in the process. So mark your calendars for November 25th, 2022.