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Daddies On Request Season 2 Release Date: Storyline, Cast, Trailer

Daddies on Request is a Mexican comedy-drama television series that was created specifically for children and teenagers and is available for viewing. It is directed by Pato Safa and Javier Colinas. BTF Media created the program for Walt Disney Company.

On July 13, 2022, ten episodes of the first season were made available. Given that the program was renewed for a second season, the program’s reception was favorable. When will the second season premiere? What is the central plot? Who would be chosen for the lead roles? You may learn additional information by reading on.

Daddies on Request Storyline, Cast

In the first season, California receives an unexpected birthday surprise when she turns thirteen. It was given to her by her mother, Itzel, who mysteriously vanished years ago and now wishes to travel to California from Zacatecas. Miguel, Morgan, and Diego, the three adoptive fathers of California, initially object to the proposal, but later recognize its benefits.

The current objective is to reunite the mother and daughter! Beginning with a strange family odyssey filled with thrilling, heartfelt, and difficult moments, the journey concludes with an incredible road trip through Mexico’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

Everyone who participates in these travels will leave with lasting memories, and you will grow and learn new lessons as a result of all the obstacles you encounter. Despite this, there is no established plot, as Daddies on Request has just been renewed for a second season. We can anticipate that the second season will continue the story from where the first season left off.

As for the expected cast members, they are Jorge Blanco as Miguel, Michael Ronda as Morgan, Lalo Brito as Diego, Farah Justiniani as California, Valérie Camarena Ibarra as young California, Fátima Molina as Itzel, Itat Cantoral as Maricarmen, Karla Farfán as Paulina, Mauricio Isaac as Patricio Sandoval, Alfonso “Poncho” Borbolla as R.

Daddies On Request Season 2 Release Date

The creators of the show have not provided a specific premiere date for the upcoming season. Currently, we anticipate that the show will debut in 2023 or 2024. Although there has been no official announcement, it is likely that the upcoming season will contain the same number of episodes. In addition to the other information, the duration of each episode is not provided.

Daddies On Request Season 2 Trailer

The second season of Daddies on Request does not have a trailer because the premiere date has not yet been determined. View the season 1 trailer below in the interim.


Daddies on Request is a Mexican comedy-drama web series aimed at children and adolescents and created by Pato Safa and Javier Colinas. The first season of Daddies on Request follows California’s efforts to reconcile with her mother, Itzel. This unusual family journey is filled with moments of happiness, sadness, and difficulty.