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Tijara Jain Temple

Tijara Jain Temple: India is a multi-religious and multi-racial nation inhabited by people of many different ethnicities and religions. Jain is one such community believed to have lived in India since 300 BCE. This community’s origins are the subject of a robust theory. According to historians, the very first community of Jains settled in eastern India and constructed magnificent temples such as the Tijara Jain Temple.

However, a shift in their population placement was observed for various reasons. All of the Jain families relocated to Maharashtra and its environs. Consequently, 4% of Maharashtra’s population follows Jainism as their religion. This is also a potential reason why the majority of Jani temples are located on the eastern side of the country, including Rajasthan, and offer accommodations at the Tijara Jain Temple.

About Tijara Jain Temple

This Jain temple of the Digambar sect is dedicated to Chandraprabha. This location is also known as Atishaya Kshetra, or “the place where miracles occur.” In terms of its geographical location, the structure is situated in the Alwar District of Rajasthan, India. The Jain Temple of Tijara is located 55 kilometres from Alwar and 110 kilometres from Delhi.

The principal deity of the temple, Chandra Prabhu Baghwan, was the eighth Tirthankara. In 1956, it was consecrated as a temple and historical landmark. Since the temple’s opening ceremony, people have been anxious to visit.

In addition, people who are staying at the Tijara Jain Temple accommodation are privy to its attractiveness. This temple also venerates Bhagwan Parshvanath and Bhagwaan Mahaveer in addition to Bhagwan Chandra.

Location of the Jain Temple at Tijara

The temple is located near Jain Mandir Road, Jian Mandir Market, Tijara, Rajasthan, and features a Chandraprabhu statue made of white marble measuring 15 inches (38 centimetres). The deity’s statue is in lotus opposition. According to historical records, the temple’s idol was installed on the third day of Vaisakha Shukla. The approximate year is 1497.

As previously stated, the structure is not only a temple, but also a tourist destination where tourists can schedule Tijara Jain Temple hotel rooms online. A significant number of tourists visit this temple whenever they travel to Rajasthan. In such locations, the sense of art and culture is tremendous and aesthetically attractive.

Tijara Jain Temple Timings

Being a sacred and restricted location, there is little flexibility regarding visiting hours. A tourist or traveller may only access the temple between 8 AM and 9 PM. In addition, the hours are restricted and of brief duration to prevent nighttime damage to the monument.

There is no cost associated with visiting the monument. Additionally, any caste or creed can visit. The only requirement while inhabiting the Tijara Jain Temple is to maintain the monument’s dignity. Any noisy noises or other disobedient behaviour is strictly prohibited.

Tijara Jain Temple Background

Prior to 1956, the location was unfurnished and in deplorable condition. In that year, the entire temple and its environs were sanctified and transformed into an impressive monument. The process began with the restoration of Chandraprabha’s statue. The retrieval of the statue occurred on August 16, 1956.

A 20-centimetre statue of Chandraprabhu was added to the Tijara Jain Temple later in 1972. It was found in the position of a lotus flower. Many other statues were recovered from that location. The underground discovery of a white stone statue of a deity is one such instance. This also supported the theory that the location was a Dehra, a site where Jain deities are worshipped.

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The architecture of the Jain Temple

As previously mentioned, the temple’s deity is a 15-inch white marble statue of Chandraprabhu. All of the monuments are arranged in a rectangular formation adorned with pinnacles. Even the walls and glass in the building are adorned with pictorial representations of ancient tales.

On the temple’s boundary and window, one can observe a superb example of carving and painting using natural elements. As a significant Jain temple, these paintings and other carvings depict Tirthankara’s existence.

In addition, a town named after the deity of the Tijara Jain Temple contains accommodations for the Tijara Jain Temple. Chandrlok encompasses a landmass of more than 100 acres. To obtain Lord Chandraprabhu’s pure blessings, it is necessary to visit this ancient and sacred temple annually.

How do you get to the Tijara Jain Temple from Alwar?

The distance between Tijara and Alwar is only 48 kilometres; therefore, travel time is minimal. The least expensive mode of transportation would be operating one’s own automobile or another vehicle. It would only take 1 hour and 11 minutes and cost $560 to reach. Alternately, one may choose a taxi for the same to facilitate check-in.

How can one get to the Tijara Jain Temple from Faridabad?

From Faridabad, you can travel to the Tijara Jain Temple by taxi or by driving your own vehicle. The distance between the two is approximately 70 kilometres. On the other hand, the travel time could be 3 hours and 37 minutes.

How can one get to the Tijara Jain Temple from Noida?

The recommended mode of conveyance from Noida is a combination of the bus and train. The estimated travel time is 5 hours and 13 minutes, and the total fare is between INR 560 and INR 1400. To select lodging at the Tijara Jain Temple, one may utilise a private vehicle.

FAQs about Tijara Jain Temple

Why is the Tijara Jain Temple so well-known?

Beautiful architecture and god statues made of white marble, combined with a tranquil environment, are a major draw for visitors. There are a variety of packages that include Tijara temple excursions and lodging at the Tijara Jain Temple.

Is there an entrance fee to visit the Jain temple at Tijara?

No, visiting and appreciating the cultural art on the Tijara wall is entirely free. The management would not charge any fees or money. They only care about keeping the property tidy and secure.

What is the number for the Tijara Jain Temple?

The telephone number of the Tijara Jain Temple is 094136 32950. Feel free to call the number listed above with any queries regarding timing, transportation, etc.

What transportation options are available to reach Tijara?

The railway can be used as a mode of conveyance. The closest train station to Tijara is in Alwar, 55 kilometres distant.

What accommodations are available near the Tijara Jain temple?

Hotels and Dharamshala could be located in close proximity to the tourist destination. Nearly all hotels near the Tijara Jain Temple range in price from INR 436 to INR 19,137. One can also reserve lodging at the Tijara Jain Temple online.