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Netflix lost about one million subscribers in the second quarter, may soon launch a cheaper plan

1. Black Mirror

Look no further than Black Mirror if you enjoy a little sci-fi and horror. Dark science fiction and fantasy with a psychotic horror edge are combined in the anthology series Black Mirror. Long after the episode has ended, you can stay up late.

It’s ideal if you want to hop into a random season because of its 13-episode format and the fact that each episode stands alone. With inspiration from The Twilight Zone, it focuses on stories involving cutting-edge technology, interpersonal relationships, and more in thrilling and unexpected ways that challenge the way you perceive the modern world.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Some viewers might be familiar with Sabrina because of the popular TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Interestingly, this figure originates from an Archie comic. In her Netflix series, Sabrina explores her identity as a half-witch, half-human as she matures.

Despite having a considerably darker tone than anything Sabrina has been engaged with, the series nonetheless appeals to those who enjoy the paranormal and occult because of its quirky humour and horror elements. This is a respectable complement to other female-led programs in the same genre, such Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3. Bates Motel

Even if the timeless horror film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock was spooky enough, aficionados of the genre may explore Norman Bates’ formative years. The show centers on Norman Bates as Jar, a serious adolescent who, as a result of his parent’s divorce, relocates to the picturesque village of White Pine Bay.

Running the hotel that his mother purchased there is an opportunity to start a new life. The couple quickly discovered they were not as welcomed in the neighborhood as they had assumed, which strengthened the already close relationship between her mother and son. His network helped him create one of the most well-known movie murderers ever.

4. Marianne

A new Netflix show that makes you want to hide under a cushion by pretending to be terrifying. In Marianne, a young French novelist finds that her childhood nightmares have come true and she is creating havoc when she returns to her hometown.

Similar to the horror film Secret Window, author Emma found that the characters she created for her book actually lived and were not kind. They appear to be upset about Emma’s decision to cease writing her best-selling horror book series, which serves as her inspiration.

5. The American Horror Story

In its eighth season, the well-liked horror anthology series is presently airing. Netflix currently offers the movie 1984. While a large portion of the previous season’s cast returns for the current season, each episode of American Horror Story has a unique setting, storyline, and cast of characters.

There is a season to catch the fears of every spectator, from haunted houses to eerie carnivals to haunted hotels. Its creative use of horror, cinematography, costumes, and the caliber of the ensemble received high praise.

6. The Walking Dead

There is still a really high interest in both the long-running zombie drama The Walking Dead and its spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, as it approaches its tenth season this year. There is evidence for The Walking Dead. a series of survival horror. After the zombie apocalypse, it started documenting the months that followed, which soon became years. Additionally, I looked into the depths of corruption that only goes to do. More frequently than the zombies they encountered, people felt uneasy.

7. Penny Dreadful

Follow a team of skeptics as they explore the paranormal mysteries of Victorian London’s remotest nooks and crannies. In Penny Dreadful, Sir Malcolm plays an adventurous adventurer who is desperate to track down the beast that abducted her daughter. He assembles a group of specially skilled individuals, each with distinct abilities, for this task.

8. Ash v/s Evil Dead

The chainsaw-wielding protagonist from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series, Ashe, reverts to his former self. Ash Williams, who has spent the last 30 years avoiding the undead fighting game, is now a flamboyant Rosario who shuns all of his less interesting activities.

The undead may shun him, but he does not avoid them. It’s up to him and a few new allies to save the day and transport him back to his original dimension if he unintentionally creates a channel for his Deadites to pass through.

9. The Haunted Hill House

She illuminates the miseries of a dysfunctional family by narrating the tale of a family who resided there because of the area’s ghosts and haunted houses. Even as an adult, she can’t escape the memories of her past. They reunite when her family members pass away, which results in her going back to Hill House.
If the brothers strive to unravel the riddle of their sister’s death and leave the home before it occurs, they will experience their terrible animosity regardless of whether the ghost is real or simply in their minds. You understand that you must set your grudge aside.

The series has only had one season to now, but The Haunting of Bly House, the upcoming season, is already in production!

10. Stranger Things

The first season of Stranger Things on Netflix swept the streaming industry. Its backdrop, narrative design, and talented young actors will appeal to fans of classic horror movies from the 1980s and supernatural horror.

Centers on the people that live in the Indiana town of Hawkins. Here, a “stranger event” occurs following the entrance of a girl with psychokinetic skills, endowing her with a malicious energy that jeopardizes the town’s and the world’s very survival. You can expect drama, nostalgia, and appearances from some of the biggest performers from the 1980s.