By | April 24, 2022
WhatsApp released a new update, making voice calls even more fun

The popular messaging app WhatsApp keeps on bringing updates to its users from time to time so that they keep getting new and interesting features. For some time, WhatsApp was working on an update, which the users were also waiting for. Let us tell you that this messaging app has now released this update. Let us know what this update was and how it will be more fun to use the app.

WhatsApp released new update

The update that WhatsApp was working on for some time has now been released. We are talking about the change in the voice call feature of WhatsApp. Let us tell you that now whenever WhatsApp users make a WhatsApp voice call, they will be able to add 32 people to that call.

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These users are getting updates

For your information, let us tell you that this new update and change of WhatsApp has been given on the App Store Changelog and WhatsApp (WhatsApp) website on Android (Android) and iPhone (iPhone) FAQ page, both in place. It has been seen that Android users can enjoy this new feature by updating their smartphone to v2.22.9.73 version and iPhone users to v22.8.80 version.

Till now this feature was there

This change has been made in the voice call feature of WhatsApp now after two years. Let us tell you that when the voice call feature was started on WhatsApp, users could talk with a total of four people and then in April, 2020, the group voice call members were increased to eight. Now, this number has been increased from eight to 32.