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Who Is Rab In Harry Potter? The Success Of The Struggle Against Voldemort

The plot advances because of the decisions made by each character, including R.A.B.

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Who Is Rab In Harry Potter? Numerous characters, both major and minor, play crucial roles within the Harry Potter canon. The plot advances because of the decisions made by each character, including R.A.B.

These letters are only briefly mentioned in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but they have a major impact on the plot. As a reader, you likely recognise their value.

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However, it is possible to overlook crucial details if you have only seen movies about the topic.

If you’ve watched or read the entire series, you probably already know what these letters stand for and what they mean. However, if you’re still curious, here’s everything you need to know about R.A.B.

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Who Is Rab in the Harry Potter universe?

R.A.B. refers to Regulus Arcturus Black, the brother of Sirius Black. Regulus wasn’t as well-known as his brother or the other characters in the Harry Potter series, but he was vital to the success of the battle against Voldemort.

Regulus was formerly one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters and a proponent of purifying the wizarding world. The Inferi were ultimately responsible for his demise, but not before he had contributed significantly to the fight against Voldemort.

Regulus stole the locket Horcrux from Voldemort and, with Kreacher’s assistance, created a replica. Even though his death resulted from his participation in the struggle against the Dark Lord, the wizarding world still benefited from his efforts.

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