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You Season 4 Release Date

You Season 4 Release Date: You Season 3 debuted on Netflix in October 2021, but the streaming service had already renewed the stalker series for a fourth season prior to the premiere of the third season. Prepare yourself for Joe Goldberg to get into even more strife.

Netflix revealed the release date of You Season 4 in an original promotional film. The teaser, which was released as part of Netflix’s TUDUM event, introduces the You Season 4 cast prior to the series’ relocation to London. Will a fourth season of You be produced? The affirmative! The psychological thriller series will consist of two segments, the first of which will premiere on February 10, 2023, and the second one month later.

The You Season 4 Trailer portrays Penn Badgley’s character Joe Goldberg revealing his new secret identity as Professor Jonathan Moore following a period of “refinement.” Goldberg has “buried his history” by crossing the water, with the character subsequently divulging what he will do in the United Kingdom.

Your Season Four Trailer

Netflix released the first You Season 4 trailer on September 24. Joe has donned a variety of headwear in the past, in addition to his signature baseball cap. The official You Season 4 trailer depicts Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) reinventing himself in the United Kingdom as a professor named Professor Jonathan Moore.

Season Four Location

The first season of You was set and filmed in New York, but the second season’s plot and production transferred to Los Angeles. The third season of You was also filmed in California, with locations in the greater Los Angeles area serving as stand-ins for the fictional town of Madre Linda and a street in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys serving as the exteriors of Love and Joe’s idyllic residence. With production taking place in London, England, it appears that You Season 4 will have a distinctly British flavour.

Season Four Release Date

This time, the location where the programme is being filmed has a surprising twist. Netflix has revealed that the fourth season of You will be set in London. Since April 1, production has officially commenced. Production began in March 2022 and ended in August 2022. The season will be split into two portions, with the first You season 4 release date occurring on February 10, 2023, and the second You season 4 release date occurring more than a month later.

According to rumours on social media, filming could occur at Royal Holloway University in April 2022. In June, the River Thames was used to film a scene.

Season 4 Cast of You

The fourth season of the American psychological suspense series You has been ordered by Netflix. Co-creator of You Season 4 Sera Gamble returns as showrunner. Penn Badgley reprises his role as Joe Goldberg, while Tati Gabrielle reprises her role as Marianne Bellamy, along with the additions of Lukas Gauge, Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, and Ed Speleers to the You season 4 cast. Production commenced in March 2022 and concluded in August 2022.

In February 2022, Lukas Gauge was appointed as a series regular for the fourth season of You. A month later, Charlotte Ritchie was appointed as a regular. Tati Gabrielle has also been confirmed to return for the third season, although her role is undetermined. In April 2022, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, and Ed Speleers were cast as new series regulars, with Gabrielle confirmed to return as a series regular, and Niccy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Stephen Hagan, Ben Wiggins, Eve Austin, Ozioma Whenu, Dario Coates, Sean Pertwee, Brad Alexander, Alison Pargeter, and Adam James joined the You Season 4 cast as recurring characters.

Your Season 4 Storyline

Each season of You has thus far been based on one of Caroline Kepnes’ novels: season one is based on her book You, season two is based on Hidden Bodies, and season three, which premiered in April 2021, is based on You Love Me.

In any event, Joe Goldberg begins the new season on the trail of Marienne Bellamy in Europe. However, it appears that Joe will soon become involved with a new group of affluent and privileged individuals.

Kate, the art gallery director, seems to become increasingly essential to Joe. It appears, however, that Kate is not a credulous target for Joe, and she will soon learn the truth about him.

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Will Joe have the tables reversed against him?

If you’ve completed season three, you’ll know that Joe faked his own death, left his son Henry in the care of Dante and Lansing, framed Love for all of their offences, and then killed her with aconite before setting their home on fire. Victoria Pedretti, who played the character Love, told TVLine that she anticipated the season would end tragically for her.

Love is unlikely to be alive, but she (and Victoria Pedretti, who portrays her) could return to afflict Joe in his imagination, as Beck did in season two. You In a recent interview with Vulture, Penn Badgley discussed what he believes should happen to serial murderer Joe when the fourth and potentially final season of a popular Netflix series airs.


Punishment is necessary, but what is the most effective form of punishment? Joe’s irony is that death is almost too easy for him, and he may be tortured or sentenced to spend the remainder of his life in misery. Due to our knowledge of all the twists, we will eagerly await the Season 4 premiere of You.