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Bring Flowers To Someone Day 2023: Date, History, Movies, Activities

Bring Flowers to Someone Day is annually celebrated on May 15. Flowers are a universal method to express love, appreciation, sympathy, or gratitude. Today is the ideal time to investigate the history and significance of flower giving. You will not need a reason to gift someone flowers; any or no reason will suffice! Everyone is encouraged to disseminate happiness through floral displays. Purchase a bouquet from a florist or gather flowers from your garden. You must personally deliver the bouquets. It lends a personal touch to an already thoughtful present.

The background of Bring Flowers To Someone Day

Floriography refers to the language of blossoms. Every flower is believed to have its own unique significance, which can vary depending on its colour or variety. Lady Mary Wortley, a feminist poet married to the British Ambassador to Turkey, wrote in a series of letters about this and other intriguing Turkish customs. The tradition of ‘Selem’ originated in Turkish harems. Harem women used a secret flower language for communication, which was decoded by attaching rhyming words to specific flowers and other objects.

During the conservative Victorian era, which endured from 1837 to 1901, this method of communication became immensely popular. In response to the stringent social norms of the time, which emphasised chastity, many courtships consisted of illicit affairs and flirtations. As it was forbidden to discuss such daring activities openly, couples embraced this creative and clandestine method of communication.

Between 1827 and 1923, numerous flower dictionaries were published in the United States. Magazines such as “The Atlantic” frequently published articles on floral codes. Then World War I ensued. The focus shifted from growing flowers to producing sustenance and weapons, and the fad died out.

Nonetheless, the practise has become entrenched. We continue to associate meanings with specific flora today. Red roses symbolise affection. Chrysanthemums are symbolic of companionship. Rosemary signifies remembrance. There will be no dearth of blossoms that you can give to someone on any day of the year, as numerous other flowers represent a variety of additional emotions.

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Bring your neighbours bouquets

No longer does everyone know their neighbours. Reach out to them by giving them a small flowering plant in a container or a simple bouquet of flowers from your garden. Who knows, you might meet a new friend?

Purchase yourself some blossoms

No romantic partner to send you flowers? No problem! To liven up your desk or dining area, acquire a beautiful bouquet from your neighbourhood florist.

Grow blossoms

For year-round blooms, cultivate your own! Choose outdoor flowers that are simple to cultivate, such as Geraniums, Sunflowers, and Pansies. No garden? Indoors, Peace Lilies, African Violets, and Bromeliads can bloom.


“Bed of Roses”

Christian Slater stars as Lewis, a horticulturist with a troubled past, in the film.

“Love Happens”

Jennifer Aniston plays a florist who has given up on dating until she encounters Dr. Burke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart), a self-help guru.

“The Town.”

Pete Postlethwaite portrays a local Irish gangster posing as a horticulturist in

In “Valentine’s Day,”

Ashton Kutcher portrays a dashing florist.


The legendary San Francisco florist Podesta Baldocchi is featured prominently in this Alfred Hitchcock film starring Kim Novack and James Stewart.


Year Date Day
2023 May 15 Monday
2024 May 15 Wednesday
2025 May 15 Thursday
2026 May 15 Friday
2027 May 15 Saturday