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Chandrabhaga Fair 2022

Chandrabhaga Fair 2022: This fair honors the river Chrandrabhaga, which is considered sacred by the people of Rajasthan. It is believed that taking a dip in the river will purify the souls of tourists who travel far from their homes.

Chandrabhaga Fair’s history

The Chandrabhaga Fair in Rajasthan draws tens of thousands of guests and participants each year from all across the nation. It takes place in Jalapattan, which is about 6 kilometres from Jalawar, on the full moon night of the month of Kartik.

To encourage tourism in this underdeveloped state, the Rajasthani government has implemented a number of initiatives. Some of the factors that contribute to this place’s reputation for benevolence include impregnable forts, gorgeous palaces, intriguing fauna, venerable fairs and festivals, and serene lakes. One of the top attractions that warrant visitors’ attention is Chandrabhaga Fair in Jhalawar. All visitors, pilgrims, and explorers learn about the customs and traditions followed in the area during the fair.

There are several temples in the ancient city of Jalapatan. It also goes by the name “City of Bells.” The Sitaresvaramahadeva Temple, considered one of his most important buildings in India, is the most well-known of the four or five of his ancient temples that are still standing. Many pilgrims travel to Jalawar on the Chandrabhaga River’s banks during the Chandrabhaga Fair in Rajasthan to take part in this grand occasion. The Chandrabagha River, after which the event is called, is revered greatly by the Rajasthani people.

Rituals of Chandrabhaga Fair 2022

On this particular occasion, a sizable cattle market is organized on the final day of Kartik, drawing lakhs of pilgrims from all around India. Here, cows including buffaloes, cows, camels, horses, and cows are brought to a cow market that blends religion and trade. To trade these animals, traders from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra come here. Every year in his Kartik month (October-November), Jhalrapatan hosts the Chandrabhaga Fair (6 km from Jhalawar). On the night of “Kartik Purnima,” when there is a full moon, thousands of pilgrims bathe in the river. The fair, which is held on the final day of Kartik, draws pilgrims to bathe in the Chandravati site’s holy waters.

Celebrations of Chandrabhaga Fair 2022

Here is a sizable animal market where business and religion coexist. The sale of livestock includes cows, horses, buffaloes, camels, and other animals. Here, traders from various sections of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra assemble for brisk commerce. Visitors get the chance to learn more about the locals and their customs and rituals during the fair.

The train station closest to you is Ramganj Mandi (25 km). Kota, Bundi, and Jaipur are all easily accessible from Jalawar. Jalawar is traversed by National Highway 12. In all significant cities, buses are accessible.