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Ka Pomblang Nongkrem 2022

Ka Pomblang Nongkrem 2022: For five days in October or November, the Khasi people celebrate the Ka Pom Brand Nongkrem Celebration as a harvest festival. The dancers pray for the people’s safety and prosperity with the local residents. A goat is slaughtered as part of the Pomblang ritual, one of Ka Pom-Blang Nongkrem’s most significant events, in honor of Chiron, the deity of the peak of Shillong and chief magistrate of the Khasi state as well as the progenitor of the royal clan. In Meghalaya and Kapombulang Nongklem, the majority of festivals are observed in order to appease the All-Powerful Goddess Kavray Her Singhal for fertility and the welfare of the populace.

Highlights of Ka Pomblang Nongkrem 2022

The music of Tammuri and Nakula speeds up the dance, which is attended by both men and single women, once the religious rite is through. The women don elegant robes and stunning golden flower crowns made of gold or silver. Women move in the inner circle while males move in a circle. Once more assuming the role of the female guardian, the guy dances gravely while carrying a sword in one hand and a lock of yak hair in the other. This historic Khasi festival is officially held at Sumit, the capital of Kilim Siemship close to Shillong.

Venue 2022 for Ka Pomblang Nongkrem

Sumit, a center of culture in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, India, about 11 kilometers outside of Shillong, has been chosen as the location for the celebrations for years. Originally known as Ka Pemburan Nonglem, the festival is now known as the Nongklem Dance Festival.

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Celebrations of Ka Pomblang Nongkrem

The Pomblanc ceremony is performed at the Nongkreme Dance Festival by Siem of Kilim and the High Priest. He presents Lei Shillong with an offering. A rooster is offered as the final sacrifice to the Shiron god. An important part of this festival is the ponblanc (goat sacrifice). Next, offerings to ancestors and ancestors of the ruling clan are made to the first uncle of Shillong Peak God.

After the religious ceremony, on the fourth day, a Khasi performs the well-known Nongkrem Her Dance, in which young women circle dance. This maiden dance is performed by girls from the “Siem” family under an umbrella. During the Nongkrem dance, Khasi tribal boys are dressed in colorful silk dhotis, cloaks, and feather turbans, adorned with glittering ornaments.

The festival ends on its 5th day with a prayer of thanksgiving to the Creator through Siem. Meghalaya hosts many fairs and festivals, most of which are dedicated to appeasing the mighty goddess Kaburai Singhal for bountiful harvests, wealth, and prosperity for the people.

The Nongkrem Dance Festival’s activities

Before a dance that single females dressed in exotic costumes attend, the festival’s religious component takes place. Of course, the men’s dance has greater force and vigour. It moves in sync to the alternating beats of drums and the blowing of tammuri or whistles while holding a sword in its right hand and a white yak hair whisk in its left.