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Govardhan Puja 2023: Date, Rituals, Legend, Vidhi, Significance, and More

Various Govardhan puja ceremonies are practised according to the various Hindu sects.

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Govardhan Puja 2023: A day after Diwali, on the fourth day of the five-day lengthy Hindu celebration, Govardhan Puja is observed. Sometimes there may be a day between Govardhan Puja and Diwali celebrations. It occurs on the first lunar day, known as “Ekam,” of the Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight of the moon), in the month of Kartik, according to the Hindu calendar. It is an essential component of the Diwali celebrations. Govardhan Puja honours Lord Krishna’s triumph over Indra.

Distinct regions of the country have distinct names for Govardhan Puja.It goes by the names “Bali Pratipada,” “Annakut Puja,” “Padwa,” and even “Gujarati New Year” in some locales.In the Indian states of Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh, Govardhan Puja is observed with considerable fervour. Making cow dung hillocks in the state of Haryana, specifically, is a tradition that serves as a representation of Mount Govardhan. Then, people adorn these hills with flowers and pay them homage.

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It is observed as “Padwa” in Maharashtra, where it is customary for husbands to give their wives gifts. It signifies the beginning of the New Year, or Vikram Samvat, in the states of Gujarat and Haryana. The day following Diwali is also honoured as “Vishwakarma Day” in several regions of India. This day, which is recognised as a holiday, is devoted to worshipping the tools.

Govardhan Puja 2023 Date

Govardhan Puja 2023 is on November 14 Tuesday

Govardhan Puja Pratahkal Muhurat: November 14, 6:43 am – November 14, 8:54 am

Govardhan Puja Sayankal Muhurat: November 14, 3:27 pm – November 14, 5:38 pm

Govardhan Puja Legend

Hindu legend claims that the residents of Vrindavan once offered elaborate prayers and sacrifices to the god of rain and thunderstorms, Lord Indra, in order to honour him. But the wise young Krishna questioned if making such tributes to appease Indra was really necessary. He thought they should be grateful and venerate Govardhan Hill, which had given them lush land and plenty of resources.

Krishna persuaded the peasants to quit worshipping Indra and start worshipping Govardhan Hill as a show of defiance. This infuriated Indra, who made the decision to punish them by sending downpours on Vrindavan. Krishna responded by raising Govardhan Hill on his little finger to shield the peasants’ animals and themselves from the incessant downpour. After seven days of nonstop rain, Indra realised his error and begged Krishna’s pardon.

This occurrence serves as a reminder of the might of nature and the value of showing respect for the environment. Govardhan Puja is a method to give thanks to the abundant nature that keeps us alive.


Various Govardhan puja ceremonies are practised according to the various Hindu sects. The gods of Fire, Thunder, and the Oceans, Lord Agni, Indra, and Varuna, are also revered on this auspicious day in several regions. This day is marked by a number of unique rites, some of which are listed below:

• On this day, a mound of cow dung that resembles the mountain Govardhan is created and embellished with flowers. Offering water, incense, fruits, and other oblations as part of the pooja is now complete. Either early in the morning or late at night, this is completed.

• On this day, people honour the animals who assist humans in agriculture, such as bulls and cows.

On this day, they worship Govardhan Giri, the mountain, as a separate deity. On the ground, a model constructed of cow excrement is displayed. On top of it is a clay lamp that receives a variety of oblations, including crystallised sugar, honey, curd, milk, and Ganges River water.

• On this day, they also worship Lord Vishawakarma, the god of talented artisans. Machines in factories and businesses are the subject of offerings and poojas.

• ”Bhandaras” are celebrations that are organised in temples around the nation and served as prasad to the worshippers.

• Making revolutions around the cow-dung mountain that symbolises Govardhan’s hill is a crucial part of the Govardhan pooja. By simultaneously praising the god Govardhan, it is accomplished. After the required number of revolutions, barley is planted on the ground.

• As a gift to Lord Krishna, the mixture of cereals known as Annakoot is also produced on this day.

The Govardhan Mountain is thought to be in the Mathura district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. To thank Lord Krishna and seek his blessings, tens of thousands of devotees travel to Govardhan Parvat and do rotations around the mountain.

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Govardhan Puja Vidhi

  1. Clean up the space where you wish to do the puja in step one.
  2. Arrange the puja supplies, such as a statue or image of Lord Krishna, a model of the Govardhan hill made of cow dung or clay, flowers, fruits, sweets, incense sticks, a light, camphor, and chandhan.
  3. Construct a model of Govardhan hill out of cow dung. Put flowers, leaves, and rangoli on it to decorate it.
  4. Prepare a selection of vegetarian foods and desserts to bring to Lord Krishna in step four. Create the Annakut by arranging the food items in a circle around the outline of Govardhan Hill.
  5. Put on clean clothing after taking a bath.
  6. Light the lamp and the incense sticks in step six.
  7. Present the deity with flowers, fruits, and other customary offerings.
  8. Offer Lord Krishna an aarti.
  9. Make a full circle around the statue of Govardhan Hill, thanking it for its benefits.
  10. After the puja, give the prasad to loved ones, friends, and followers.

Govardhan Puja Significance

In Hindu culture, Govardhan Puja has great significance. It acts as a reminder to value and safeguard nature, which gives us resources and nutrition. The festival aims to make people more appreciative of the wealth of food and resources they have access to.

Additionally, it emphasises the value of cooperation and giving. Sharing the Annakut made during Govardhan Puja creates a sense of community and camaraderie among family, friends, and neighbours. Prasad is given out as a sign of sharing blessings and goodwill.

Govardhan Puja 2023 Wishes

1. May Lord Krishna’s blessings shield you from all difficulties. Cheers to Govardhan Puja!

2. May your life be blessed with love, joy, and success on this auspicious day. Cheers to Govardhan Puja!

3. Sending you warm family wishes and the sweetness of Lord Krishna’s blessings for Govardhan Puja.

4. May your life’s Govardhan Mountain be sturdy and unwavering. Cheers to Govardhan Puja!

5. On this Govardhan Puja, let’s celebrate the spirit of cooperation and harmony.

6. May the Govardhan Puja bring you unending joy and prosperity.

7. May your life be as brilliant and colourful as the peacock feathers Lord Krishna is adorned with. Cheers to Govardhan Puja!

8. May the holy blessings of Lord Krishna be upon you always on this day of Govardhan Puja.

9. I hope your Govardhan Puja is full of joy, love, and the company of those you care about.

10. May the Govardhan Puja shine enlightenment and insight on your path.

11. On this auspicious day of Govardhan Puja, let’s join together to appreciate the connection between family and friends.

12. On Govardhan Puja and always, may Lord Krishna’s blessings be upon you and your family.

13. I wish you a Govardhan Puja sweetened by the love and devotion of Lord Krishna.

14. May the Govardhan Puja celebrations bring you harmony and joy.

15. May your home be prosperous and your heart be filled with devotion on this Govardhan Puja.

16. Let us thank Lord Krishna for his blessings and guardianship. Cheers to Govardhan Puja!

17. Wishing you health, success, and wealth at the Govardhan Puja.

18. May you find calm and peace on this holy day in the love of Lord Krishna.

19. May the Govardhan Puja festivities bring you and your loved ones even closer to God.

20. I wish this Govardhan Puja be blessed by Lord Krishna with his unending love, devotion, and blessings.

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