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Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit: Tips for Styling and Inspiration

Come to Valentine's Day and wear your closet to a formal dinner, ensuring your outfit doesn't clash with your personal style. Explore inspiration from friends, family, or romantic comedies.

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Valentine’s Day Outfit: Valentine’s Day offers us a reason to get together and celebrate with the people we care about, whether we choose to dress up and head out to a formal dinner or curl up on the sofa with some delectable takeout. Making a final itinerary and choosing your outfit comes first. But February 14th arrives after months of holiday wardrobe preparation, and styling tiredness is a real thing.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re at a loss for what to wear on Valentine’s Day and you’re staring at your closet. By searching for a hashtag on social media, you can discover thousands of Valentine’s Day costume ideas, but occasionally the aesthetics of influencers don’t align with your style. When you’re not online, you can take a new angle by looking through a friend’s or family member’s closet or examining the outfits of your favorite romantic comedies.

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Valentine’s Day Outfits

Add Hearts as an Accessory

(Credit: Dephini)

Since crimson is this season’s “it” hue, Christina Stein, a style therapist and personal stylist, knows that an all-red outfit is a simple Valentine’s Day fallback because it’s timeless and romantic. She also notes that “it’s not hard to find something” that works. Stein, though, says she would rather experiment with red heart-shaped accessories than wear a crimson outfit.

A heart cut-out dress

(Credit: Etsy)

If you want to be a bit extra, Stein suggests going with a lot of tops and blazers that have heart-shaped cutouts instead of going crazy with dramatic slits for your Valentine’s Day ensemble. “Leather pants and a heart-cutout blazer can add a little edge without sacrificing some Valentine’s Day fun,” the expert advises.

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Wearing Lingerie Outside

Wearing Lingerie Outside outfit

Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to style your most lacy, lingerie-esque (or actual lingerie!) clothing as a going-out look. Wearing innerwear as outerwear has been popular for a while now (the no-pants trend being the most recent example). Whether you’ve tried the trend yourself or are ready to step outside of your comfort zone, this is the perfect occasion to try something new.

Pink + Red

(Credit: Pam Scalfi)

When will you choose to combine the colors red and pink if not on Valentine’s Day? Start by taking a look at your current wardrobe and planning your ensemble from there.

Adhere to Conventional Color Schemes

(Credit: Clothes by locker room)

For good reason, red and pink comprise the unofficial Valentine’s Day color palette. If you prefer a more conventional look, Stein advises letting these sentimental hues speak for themselves. “Try combining the colors, maybe with a fuchsia sweater and matching fuchsia pumps and a red tulle midi skirt,” she suggests.

Incorporate a Seductive Twist

Naina Singla, a fashion stylist and specialist, enjoys a traditional red moment on Valentine’s Day but like to add some spice to her clients’ outfits. “A long black belted wool coat with tall black leather boots and a red satin or silk spaghetti strap maxi dress,” she describes.

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Select a Little Bit of Edge

A touch of leather, according to Linney Warren, VP of Women’s Design at apparel company Rails, gives a Valentine’s Day ensemble edge and texture. If you’re shopping for new clothes for the day, you can also wear the material all year round. “I adore the concept of teaming a midi skirt with an off-the-shoulder top or combining a casual mock-neck sweater with a dressed-down faux leather miniskirt,” says Warren. “Either look is perfect for a daytime date night.”

Accept Lace

Lace Outfit
(Credit: WWD)

Warren claims that although lace, along with red and pink, is a traditional choice for Valentine’s Day, there is a way to make it feel modern. “A sophisticated way to give a nod to delicate lingerie trends is to incorporate lace through a chic slip dress with pointed-toe kitten heels or an effortless camisole worn with structured trousers and boots,” the fashion expert suggests.

Grab a Traditional LBD


A tiny black dress is always appropriate, but it’s particularly lovely on Valentine’s Day. According to Warren, the LBD is an infallible combination that works for almost any occasion, including dinner with your significant other or a girl’s night out. She also claims there are countless style choices. Warren imagines styling “a strapless mini dress with boots and a jacket,” for instance.

Red Influencer Sneak-Peek Pops

(Credit: Pinterest)

If you’re not into wearing all red, Singla recommends finishing off your Valentine’s Day ensemble with a few basic red accessories. “Put on a cashmere sweater in a neutral hue, like grey or brown, and pair it with a pair of mid-wash blue jeans. Then, accessorize with a tiny red clutch and dark red kitten-heel mules.” “This is a simple way to play around with red that results in a gorgeous, contemporary color scheme.”

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