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National Gluten Free Day 2024: Date, History and 5 Important facts About Celiac Disease

Although gluten is a protein that can be found in a variety of meals, it may not be good for our bodies.

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National Gluten Free Day 2024: Did you know that one of us is a sleuth? A sneaky protein lurks in your kitchen, serving as a binder in a lot of the daily meals and drinks you take in. While many of us take it for granted and are unaware of its existence, 2.5 million Americans suffer from it. Could you make out what it is? Those who have gluten sensitivity spend their entire lives avoiding the protein known as gluten, which is present in wheat, rye, and barley. We celebrate National Gluten-Free Day on January 8th with our friends who avoid gluten!

Directions For Marking National Gluten-Free Day

Grab a friend for dinner.

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Make a call to a friend who avoids gluten and extend an invitation for a gluten-free meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, let them order you a gluten-free dinner and let them teach you about the menu. Are YOU the friend that avoids gluten? Take your closest friends out to lunch and introduce them to your menu selections.

Create a gluten-free dish.

Give gluten-free cooking a shot. Go online, find a tasty, interesting, gluten-free dish, and get cooking! Are you up for the task? Try using almond or rice flour when baking from home.

Give love to others.

It doesn’t exist if you don’t post about it on social media, right? Make sure you share photos of your baked products and gluten-free supper so that your friends may see and experience them. We have greater awareness the more people comprehend!

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5 Important facts About Celiac Disease

It’s not an allergy.

There’s a widespread misperception that people with celiac disease are gluten intolerant.

It’s an autoimmune condition.

When someone with celiac disease consumes gluten, their lower intestines are harmed.

Lifelong celiac

It is a way of life to avoid gluten, yet there is no cure or preventative!

Gluten lurks in all places.

Gluten can be found in a lot more things than just the bread that you buy from your neighborhood bakery, including soy sauce and beer.

Celiac causes further problems.

This autoimmune condition can cause secondary problems like lactose intolerance, anemia, and gastrointestinal malignancies if left undetected.

The significance of National Gluten-Free Day

We get to make our digestive systems happy and cleanse our meals.

Although gluten is a protein that can be found in a variety of meals, it may not be good for our bodies. The best people to understand this are those who have celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that results from eating gluten, which harms the small intestine.

Embracing the predicament of your buddy who is gluten intolerant or suffers from celiac disease is one of the benefits of commemorating and honoring this day. The more knowledge we have, the more empathy we have for people who follow a gluten-free diet!

We get to extend our perspectives.

Have you ever tried making your own spiralized veggie noodles or baked goods with almond flour? Did you ever try a gluten-free bakery? It’s time to try something new today!

We find happiness in the small things.

Bread, pastries, and doughnuts, oh my! Imagine if they were all snatched away in a single glance. We applaud the growth of the gluten-free movement and the number of establishments that now provide gluten-free menus for individuals who follow it. We are reminded to find happiness in the small things that we sometimes take for granted, especially for those who can consume large quantities of gluten.


Year Date Day
2023 January 9 Monday
2024 January 8 Monday
2025 January 13 Monday
2026 January 12 Monday
2027 January 11 Monday
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