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National Monte Cristo Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Monte Cristo Day is celebrated annually on September 17 to the delight of sandwich enthusiasts and the general public. Do you know that the origins of the American Monte Cristo sandwich can be traced back to a French iteration that was first served in a French cafe in 1910? That is correct. The history of the delectable Monte Cristo sandwich is quite extensive!

The background of National Monte Cristo Day

National Monte Cristo Day was first observed in June 2015, after a well-known restaurant chain instituted it to honour the nationally beloved sandwich.

A Monte Cristo sandwich is a fried gammon and cheese sandwich that has been immersed in beaten eggs. It is a variation of the croque-monsieur sandwich, which was first offered in Paris in the 1910s.

The sandwich is said to have exploded onto the American culinary landscape from its humble beginnings in California, when restaurants near Disneyland began serving it to park visitors.

To create a classic Monte Cristo sandwich, you need a few ingredients that typically include white bread covered with thinly sliced deli ham, cheese and egg mixture.

To create a Monte Cristo sandwich, it is recommended to use a sturdy white bread, such as sourdough, that can support all of the ingredients placed between and around it, so that the sandwich does not fall apart.

As a cheese option, Monte Cristo sandwiches are prepared with Swiss cheese. It can stand out when immersed in an egg and other ingredient mixture. The Monte Cristo sandwich can be made with any variety of gammon.

National Monte Cristo Day was created to honour the lengthy history of Monte Cristo sandwiches, which have delighted our taste senses for decades since their introduction to continental America in the 1960s.

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Construct a Monte Cristo sandwich.

There is no better way to commemorate the beloved sandwich than by making one yourself! Make a classic Monte Cristo sandwich with soft white bread, thinly sliced deli ham and creamy cheese immersed in an egg mixture.

Share a novel dish.

No good object can survive aloneztlich. On Monte Cristo Day, create your own unique combination of sandwich ingredients and share it with the world to experience!

Discuss it on social media

How else can you convince others to test your product? Share on social media your experience and photos of creating your own Monte Cristo sandwich. Assist others in boarding its divinely delicious train.

5 Unknown Facts About the Monte Cristo Sandwich

The name Monte Cristo is Italian for ‘Mount Christ,’ which is also the imprecise translation of the name of Monte Cristo’s processor:’monsieur Croque,’ which may have been a reference to the 1844 novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

The Monte Cristo Sandwich is an American adaptation of the French Croque Monsieur, which debuted in a Paris café in 1910.

Supposedly, the Monte Cristo sandwich’s popularity skyrocketed after Disneyland restaurants began serving it.

Traditionally, Monte Cristo sandwiches are topped with powdered sugar and a tiny amount of preserves.

The fact that Monte Cristo sandwiches are fried after being dipped in an egg mixture distinguishes them from other varieties of sandwiches.


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