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National Peanut Butter Cookie Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Peanut Butter

Peanuts were used as sacrificial offerings by the ancient Incans of Peru 3,500 years ago, though the exact date of the first peanut harvest is unknown.

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On June 12, cookie and peanut butter enthusiasts observe National Peanut Butter Cookie Day. The essential components of peanut butter cookies are peanut butter, sugar, and eggs; in their most basic form, these are all that are required. Peanut butter cookies are incredibly simple to make, and if you enjoy peanut butter, they will always satisfy your cravings. Continue reading for additional methods to honour one of the most popular cookies ever.

The background of National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Peanuts were used as sacrificial offerings by the ancient Incans of Peru 3,500 years ago, though the exact date of the first peanut harvest is unknown. European explorers likely introduced the peanut to modern-day Peru or Brazil, where it could potentially thrive as far north as Mexico. These Europeans presumably introduced peanuts to Africa and Asia, and it was Africans in the 1700s who introduced peanuts to North America.

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In America, especially in the South, peanut production exploded. In the early 1800s, peanuts became a commercial crop in the United States, and demand was high. In addition to being a delicious delicacy, they could also be used as an oil or substitute for cocoa. However, they were difficult to cultivate and harvest, and were primarily ingested by farm animals and the poor. That is, until Union soldiers discovered their high protein content and determined they liked them.

In the early 1900s, cotton crops were destroyed by the boll weevil, which threatened the livelihoods of many producers. Dr. George Washington Carver, a prominent scientist at the time, suggested that many plantations transition from cotton to peanuts, causing peanuts to become nearly as popular as cotton in the South.

However, determining who invented peanut butter is an entirely distinct animal. There is evidence that the ancient Incas ground peanuts to create a primitive form of peanut butter, but Dr. John Harvey Kellog is credited with introducing peanut butter to the United States in 1895. A physician from Saint Louis is also credited with inventing peanut butter because he needed a means for his patients who were too old or sick to chew meat to obtain protein. However, after its introduction at the 1904 World’s Fair, peanut butter took off.

In his 1916 book on growing peanuts and preparing them for consumption, Dr. George Washington Carver included a recipe for peanut butter. In 1922, Joseph Rosefield improved the recipe by finding a method to prevent peanut oil from separating from the solids. Peanut butter was introduced to stores in 1920, and peanut butter cookies were already being prepared across the United States. In 1932, the first recipe for peanut butter cookies with the forks on top was published in “The Schenectady Gazette,” and the peanut butter cookie quickly became a popular delicacy.

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Since bread has too many fragments for a zero-gravity environment, peanut butter-loving astronauts spread it on a tortilla.

‘Tagalongs’ or ‘Peanut Butter Patties’ are typically the second or third best-selling Girl Scout cookie.

America spends $800 million annually on peanut butter.

According to one survey, approximately three-quarters of American households contain at least one container of peanut butter.

Over thirty luminaries, including Jerry Seinfeld and Madonna, are members of the Adult Peanut Butter Lovers Fan Club, according to Skippy Peanut Butter.

Year Date Day
2023 June 12 Monday
2024 June 12 Wednesday
2025 June 12 Thursday
2026 June 12 Friday
2027 June 12 Saturday
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